According to Dictionary.com a culture war is “a conflict between societies with different ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and behaviours.”

According to us at Culture War Reporters these conflicts between and within cultures have become more and more nebulous, complicated by the rise of instantaneous communication and the prevalence of popular media. We’re just as unsure about a lot of these topics as the rest of you, but we’re eager to tell you about what we have figured/are figuring out.

All features are temporarily on hold, though when they were running regularly they were posted as follows:

Culture War Reporters was originally started by both Evan and Elisa.

6 responses to “About

  1. This, I like.

  2. So tiring, you make me sick.

  3. Interesting site. I am trying to make sense of it all. It all sounds kind of heavy but then there is all this talk of 2 Broke Girls. Never seen it but will check it out.

    • You can definitely feel free to check out my reviews of the show, though I’m not sure I can in good conscience recommend you actually watch 2 Broke Girls itself.

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