2013 In Review

Teaching Your Children About Santa, Noah, and Other Bearded Mythical Men

Fame Day: Christmas Traditions

CWR Writers’ Roundtable: No Red Kettles and “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Shame Day: Megyn Kelly

2 Broke Girls, S3E12 “And the French Kiss”: A TV Review

Steve Taylor (Is Coming Back)

People Who Disappear: A Book Review

Fame Day: If I Were You

Culture War Correspondence: Community, Season 5 [E/G]

Shame Day: Internet Bullying Harassment

Arizona’s Attack on Mexican-American Studies

I’m Not Sad About Nelson Mandela Dying

Fame Day: American Dad and Death

Culture War Correspondence: Online Dating Sites [E/K]

Shame Day: Knockout

2 Broke Girls, S3E11 “And the Life After Death”: A TV Review

Gordon Brown Fixes Education (In A Single Post)


A Rock in a Hard Place: Dustin Browder’s Interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Fame Day: The NBA

Culture War Correspondence: Advertising [E/G]

Doctor Who, 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Nike, Coca-Cola, and Nestle

2 Broke Girls, S3E10 “And the First Day of School”: A TV Review

What is the Meaning of “Life of Brian”?

Growing Old

Internet Problems

Fame Day: Cooking Comically

Culture War Correspondence: Funerals [E/G]

2 Broke Girls, S3E9 “And the Pastry Porn”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Rob Ford and the Enbridge Pipeline Project

Looking at Primer

Asian Comic Book Fan Watches Thor: The Dark World Expecting Racial Representation, Deals with Crushing Disappointment by Writing Blog Post

Fame Day: Unsung Hero Compilation

Culture War Correspondence: 4th Wave Feminism [K/G]

Shame Day: Avicii and “Wake Me Up”

2 Broke Girls, S3E8 “And the ‘It” Hole”: A TV Review

My Personal Fears About Dota 2‘s Art Plagiarism Made Real

Extended Adolescence, 20s, and Purpose

The Importance of Ms. Marvel as Immigrant Literature

Fame Day: Patrick Stewart

Culture War Correspondence: Sitcom Absurdity [E/G]

Shame Day: The History Channel

2 Broke Girls, S3E7 “And the Girlfriend Experience”: A TV Review

How We Look At Hitler

A Show By Any Other Name Would Be Just A Spin-off


Fame Day: 봉천동 귀신 [Bongcheon-Dong Ghost]


CWR Writers’ Roundtable: Halloween Costumes

2 Broke Girls, S3E6 “And the Piece of Sheet”: A TV Review

Shame Day: How I Met Your Mother and FASD

A Culture War Report: The 2013 StarCraft II WCS Finals

CWR’s Halloween Movie Recommendations

What I Did With “Do What U Want”

Fame Day: Nate’s Vlogs

Evan and Gordon Kat Talk: First Nations Fracking Protests

Shame Day: Bob Kane

2 Broke Girls, S3E5 “And the Cronuts”: A TV Review

The (Inner) Beauty Problem

People Really Like Adéwalé [Surprising Me In Particular]

Fame Day: American Literary Piracy

Evan and Gordon Talk: TCKs And Other Cultural Stuff

Shame Day: Treatment of the Poor

2 Broke Girls, S3E4 “And the Group Head”: A TV Review

The Religion Re-Cap

Biblical Inerrancy

CWR Monday News

2 Things Boys Need To Know About Their Sexuality

Fame Day: Dead Kevin Sketch

Evan and Gordon Talk: About Whatever, Because You’re Not Helping Us Out Topics-Wise

[Probably] No E&GT Tomorrow

2 Broke Girls, S3E3 “And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Save the Pearls

The Problem With Pietism

Why Writing Strong Female Characters Is[n’t] Hard

Fame Day: Abdul Haji, WWII Vets, and These Other Guys…

Evan and Gordon Kat Talk: Is The World Worse?

2 Broke Girls, S3E2 “And the Kickstarter”: A TV Review

Shame Day: War as a Fashion Statement


Well, Breaking Bad Ended…

Black, Yellow, Brown, Or Normal

Fame Day: Aung San Suu Kyi

Evan and Gordon Talk: Adoption

School Starting Means Less of Kat

Shame Day: 3rd Wave Feminism

2 Broke Girls, S3E1 “And the Soft Opening”: A TV Review

A Vindication of Piracy

Abrams and Eve Address Your [My] Issues With Star Trek Into Darkness

Fame Day: France Against Child Beauty Pageants

Evan and Gordon Talk: Movies in General

Why Dumpster Diving Isn’t the Solution (but we do it anyway)

Shame Day: Slut-Shaming Miley

The End of the Church as we Know It

The Boys Are Taking Time Off

America and the Middle Class

DC Is Terrible, But They’re Not Homophobes

Fame Day: Cornel West

Evan and Gordon Talk: The Confederate Flag

Shame Day: Cigarette Butts

Gordon Brown’s Labor Day Extravaganza


Mything The Point With Zack Snyder

Fame Day: For Exposure

Evan and Gordon Talk: Pacifism

So, I’ve got this Wedding…

Shame Day: Your Treatment of Syria

“The Sincerity Wars” or “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong”

It Is An Exciting Time To Be A Minority Canadian Comic Book Fan

Fame Day: The Mako Mori Test

Evan and Gordon Talk: Vigilantes

The Problem With Cute

Shame Day: Plastic

Europe and Racism

Tropes, Archetypes, and Why Original Creative Writing Is Like A Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Fame Day: Johnny Cash

Evan and Gordon and Kat Talk: Beauty

The Problem With Pink

Shame Day: Internet Journalism

Boycott Russia

“Rape”: Storytelling Device

Fame Day: Guerrilla Gardeners

A Culture War Report: New Prosperity Mine

Evan and Gordon Kat Talk: Weddings and Marriage

Shame Day: Zionism

Aaron Sorkin VS Women

Why I’m Not Scared Of Porn

Fame Day: The Grid


Evan Kat and Gordon Talk: Regulation

Jamie Oliver vs The Kids – Should we eat the whole chicken?

Shame Day: Monsanto

Why I’m Not Afraid Of Crime

Homosexuality In Comics As Of July 26th

Fame Day: Co-Ops

Evan and Gordon Talk: The UK Porn Ban

Blood, Sweat and Sensationalism

Shame Day: Taylor Swift, Charles Z., and The Internet

When Do We Forgive Celebrities?

Rolling Stone and the Boston Bomber

A Kiss With A Fist Is Better When Dealing With Giant Monsters

Fame Day: Cambodian Orphans and the Calgary Flood

Selling Sex: Abolition vs Regulation

Evan and Gordon Talk: About How We’ve Failed You…

Shame Day: Sinfest and Feminism

Fixing Doctor Who

Talking About Celebrities Talking To People

Fame Day: CONvergence and Generally Respecting Others

Pinteresting Jennifer Lawrence… and diets

Evan and Gordon Talk: Sitcoms

Shame Day: Sex, Money and the Canadian Senate

Culture and Appropriations

Offensiveness and Oversensitivity

Fame Day: Us VS The US

Feminism, Homemakers, and Stepford Wives

Evan and Gordon Interview: Kat, Our Newest CWR!

Shame Day: Johnny Depp and The Lone Ranger

Moral Combat [Or “You Must Be At Least This Civil To Ride”]


One Christian’s Views on Same-Sex Marriage

Pride Weekend: Now and The Future

Fame Day: Numenori Kawasaki

No Evan and Gordon Talk Today…

Shame Day: The Abortion Debate

World War Z Doesn’t Take Place In A World I Live In

What Happened To Reading?

It’s Harder To Give Than To [insert any other verb]

Clearing My Head of Man of Steel, A Short Post

Fame Day: 5 Second Films

Evan and Gordon Talk: Fat People

Shame Day: Sequels For Sequels’ Sake

How To Fix D&D

Mapping the Friend Zone

Fame Day: Edward Snowden

Evan and Gordon Talk: Homosexuality in Television

Shame Day: Political Ignorance

Impeach the President

A PSA About College

The Internet And That One Scene In Star Trek Into Darkness – You Know The One

Hiatus Extended


The “One Size Fits All” Approach To Casting

Late Post Today, The Best Way To Lead In To A Hiatus

<a title="Fame Day: GentleBot Hell” href=”https://culturewarreporters.com/2013/05/23/fame-day-gentlebot-hell/”>Fame Day: GentleBot Hell

Evan and Gordon Talk: Can Artists Retract Their Work?

Shame Day: Efrain Rios Montt and Thein Sein

Let’s Talk About The Hijab

Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Fame Day: Hannibal

Evan and Gordon Talk: The N-Word

Shame Day: Spoilers

2 Broke Girls, S2E24 “And the Window of Opportunity”: A TV Review

What Do You Want From Me?

No-Post Friday

Fame Day: Creativity [and Imagination]

Evan and Gordon Talk: “Super-Independence”

2 Broke Girls, S2E23 “And the Tip Slip”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Nature (The Lack Thereof)

What Ever Happened to Comedy?

“Asian-Americans,” Admission, and Assimilation

Fame Day: Socialism Conference

Evan and Gordon Talk: Indie Games [And Minecraft]


2 Broke Girls, S2E22 “And the Extra Work”: A TV Review

Shame Day: DC Comics

The Very Real Threat of Islamophobia

A Few More Thoughts on Fan Fiction

Fame Day: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Evan and Gordon Talk: Fan Fiction

Shame Day: Africa Will Always Be Poor (And Other Racist ****)

Destroy CISPA

I Don’t Know If Anyone’s Said This About Boston Yet

Fame Day: Massoud Hassani

Evan and Gordon Talk: Work

2 Broke Girls, S2E21 “And the Worst Selfie Ever”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Rick Ross and Rape Culture

“White Washed Tombs” or “Shame and Social Pressure”

Black Panther, Batwing, and African Superheroes

Fame Day: Reddit

Evan and Gordon Talk: Naps [And Also, the Hours in a Day]

Shame Day: Reactions to Thatcher’s Death

No War, No More

Soon I’ll Be Yelling At Kids To Get Off My Lawn

Fame Day: Loading Artist

Evan and Gordon Talk: College Grad Reactions to “Easy Money” Shows

Shame Day: Cleveland Indians

You Are Not The Flag You Wave, Or “Enough With The Equal Signs For Profile Pics”


Permission To Laugh?

Evan and Gordon Talk Extra: Smoking and Society, Cont’d

Fame Day: Munchies

Evan and Gordon Talk: Smoking and Society

Shame Day: Todd Kincannon

2 Broke Girls, S2E20 “And the Big Hole”: A TV Review

Devalue System

There Are Not A Lot Of Synonyms For “Teleport”

Fame Day: Basic Human Decency

Evan and Gordon Talk: Alcohol in Western Culture

2 Broke Girls, S2E19 “And the Temporary Distraction”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Negativity

Fighting the Good Fights

No Post This Morning [What Does That Mean?]

Fame Day: The Young Turks Arabs

Evan and Gordon Talk: The Role of Religion in a Secular World

Shame Day: Microaggressions

Beyond Good and Evil

TV Characters We Hate To Love To Hate, Or Something

Fame Day: Rand Paul

Evan and Gordon Talk: Piracy

Fame Day: All the Little Things

Some Thoughts On Advertising

Stay Classy, Comic Book Fans


Shame Day II: ISPs and the Six Strike System

Evan and Gordon Don’t Talk This Week

2 Broke Girls, S2E18 “And Not-So-Sweet Charity”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Hollywood and the VFX Industry

February 25: What’s Not Being Talked About In The News

More Ninja Turtles News [And Why Not To Be Mad]

Fame Day: American Horror Story

Evan and Gordon Talk: Separating Art From Artist

2 Broke Girls, S2E17 “And the Broken Hip”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Porn and Racism

The Good, The Bad, and The Evil

The Avengers Go To Hong Kong, Japan

Fame Day: Geek Love

Evan and Gordon Talk: Our Ideal Women

2 Broke Girls, S2E16 “And Just Plane Magic”: A TV Review

Shame Day: “Black History”

Gun Control and Cartoonists

A Space Marine By Any Other Name

Fame Day: Alex Alonso

Evan and Gordon Talk: Men and Manliness

Shame Day: Video Game Companies

2 Broke Girls, S2E15 “And the Psychic Shakedown”: A TV Review

Blog News Blog News Blog News

Superman: The Man of Steel Recast

More Writing On Sexual Standards


Fame Day: Sigmund Freud

Evan and Gordon Talk: Why Christian Media Is So Bad

Shame Day: Glee

I Want My M16

This Week Has Been Inconsistent, So Instead Of A Real Post Here’s An Apology

Fame Day: Matt Fraction and Hawkeye #7

Evan and Gordon Talk: How To Fix SNL

Indiana Jones and the Religious Implications

2 Broke Girls, S2E14 “And Too Little Sleep”: A TV Review

Shame Day: The British Monarchy

Will The Real Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Please Stand Up?

I Have Disappointed You All [A Post by Gordon, Title by Evan]

Internet Disgusted By Video Game Promotion [Also: Zombie Breasts]

[Insert Sentimental Post About Friendship Here]

Fame Day: New Belgium Brewing Co.

Evan and Gordon Talk: The Purpose of College

Shame Day: Sexual Standards

2 Broke Girls, S2E13 “And the Bear Truth”: A TV Review

Apocalypse Wow

A Comic Lover’s Opinion on “The Bakersfield Expedition” [Last Night’s Episode of The Big Bang Theory]

Fame Day: Bleeding Cool and The Big Bang Theory

Evan and Gordon Talk: Django Unchained

Shame Day: The Body Positive Movement

Django and the N-Word

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