Fame Day

Where we give credit [and praise] where it’s due.


The One-State Solution

Liberation Theology (Can the Church be a Force for Social Justice?)

Reddit’s Response to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

The Presbyterian Church

Carly Fleischmann, Giving a Voice to Autism

Redskins Trademark Registration Denied

Jose Mujica

#thevagenda, When Twitter took down the Tabloids

Leslie Jones

May Day

Maysoon Zayid, Integrated Schools, and Bringing Special Needs into the Spotlight

Alice and Kev

Micro Homes


Tom Morello

Slightly Better Representation at the Oscars

Seth Rogen, Alzheimer’s Disease Activist

Kroll Show

Stopping Super Bowl Sexism

Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous

Kshama Sawant

Hyperbole and a Half and Depression

New GirlBrooklyn Nine-Nine, and Diversity

Cop Watch

Christmas Traditions

If I Were You

American Dad and Death


Cooking Comically

Unsung Hero Compilation

Patrick Stewart

봉천동 귀신 [Bongcheon-Dong Ghost]

Nate’s Vlogs

American Literary Piracy

Dead Kevin Sketch

Abdul Haji, WWII Vets, and These Other Guys…

Aung San Suu Kyi

France Against Child Beauty Pageants

Cornel West

For Exposure

The Mako Mori Test

Johnny Cash

Guerrilla Gardeners

The Grid


CONvergence and Generally Respecting Others

Us VS The US

Numenori Kawasaki

5 Second Films

Edward Snowden

GentleBot Hell


Creativity [and Imagination]

Socialism Conference

Kelly Sue DeConnick

Massoud Hassani


Loading Artist


Basic Human Decency

The Young Turks Arabs

Rand Paul

All The Little Things

American Horror Story

Geek Love

Alex Alonso

Sigmund Freud

Matt Fraction and Hawkeye #7

New Belgium Brewing Co.

Bleeding Cool and The Big Bang Theory


Court TV

Public Shaming

Vasili Arkhipovfameday

Dwayne McDuffie

Frank Gilbreth

George Romero


Extra Credits

Kris Anka

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