2012 In Review [This Is The Last Post]

2012: The End

Shame Day: Yours Truly

Let’s Talk About Hypocrisy

The Dungeons and Dragons Episode

Fame Day: StarCrafts

Evan and Gordon Talk: Nerd Culture

Shame Day: Rebranding

Slavery and Movies

Taylor Swift and Artistic Intent

Fame Day: Court TV

Evan and Gordon Talk: New Lit. Genre

Shame Day: Oh Sit!

A Brief Argument Against Anti-Piracy


Blood, Honey, and Bicycles

Fame Day: Public Shaming

Evan and Gordon Talk: Greatest Food Show of All Time

Shame Day: Nationalism

Why Superman’s Briefs Matter

The Horror, The Horror

Re: Where I Try To Explain Red Dawn

Where I Try to Explain Red Dawn

Fame Day: Vasili Arkhipov

Evan and Gordon Talk: The Walking Dead

Shame Day: Black Friday

Old James Bond Vs New James Bond

No Friday Post [Except For This One, Of Course]

Fame Day: Dwayne McDuffie

Evan and Gordon Talk: Deadliest Warrior

Shame Day: Masculinists

Free Information Culture

Stop Fan-Casting Neil Patrick Harris

Monsters: A Book Review

Fame Day: Frank Gilbreth

Evan and Gordon Talk: Adventure Time’s Artistic Merit

Shame Day: Americans and the Environment

“Science” Culture

Kids Watching Kids Being Kids

Fame Day: George Romero


Evan and Gordon Talk: Racially Accurate Casting

Shame Day: Greg Land

Manly Culture

Does Billy Graham Think Mormonism Is A Cult?

Fame Day: Racebending.com

James Bond is Debonair, Deadly, and Black?

Evan and Gordon Talk: Zombies

Shame Day: Concerned Women for America

Culture, Not Criteria

Looking Back at a History of Booze and Bacon

The Cloaca: A Book Review

Fame Day: Extra Credits

Underemployed, Pilot Episode: A TV Review

Evan and Gordon Talk: The Greatest Flaw of This Generation [Continued]

Shame Day: NBC and Cartoon Network

October 15: What’s Not Being Talked About In The News

Storm and “Black Hair”

Fame Day: Kris Anka

Evan and Gordon Talk: The Greatest Flaw of This Generation

A Slight Delay

Shame Day: Here’s Looking At You, Kid

Go Rewatch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Be Thankful For Your Three Seconds of Star Trek

Evan and Gordon Talk: Stand-up Comedy, How Far Is Too Far?

Wither Feminism?


Ashes of Silver: A Book Review

Evan and Gordon Talk: Community, Season 4

British Television VS American Television

This S.H.I.E.L.D. Needs a Little Colour

Evan and Gordon Talk: Facebook and Privacy

Why I Like Captain America vs. Why Other People Do

A Culture War Report: White People Heaven

Girl Don’t Need A Man To Get Into Surprisingly Comical Situations

Evan and Gordon Talk: Kung Fu Movies

Celebrity Mortality and Actual Loss

The Good, the Bad, and the Racist

“Rape”: A Continuation

Evan and Gordon Talk: Affirmative Action

A Culture War Report: Extreme Midget Wrestling

People Are Upset About Aveline de Grandpré [What Else Is New?]


Go Listen to “Guilty Pleasures: Art and Politics”

Evan and Gordon Talk: Hipster Racism

Why I’m Okay With The Mandarin

Violence (Not) In Media

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Moves On [Without The Black Panther]

Evan and Gordon Talk: The Bechdel Test

Batman: The Dark Knight Re-Cast

Changes to CWR

Nolan, Jefferson, and The Batman

TLC (That Lousy Channel)

Albert Brennaman, the Patron Saint of White Dancers

Fascists, Skinheads, and Nazis (Oh My!)

A Lot Going On

Stars Earn Stripes (Is a Terrible, Awful, Idiotic Abomination)

Good Show! (Or, What’s Wrong With The Simpsons)


Elisa is No More

Republicans, Marriage Equality, and Inevitable Social Change

Is Batman a Fascist?

Bad Influence

Boy Scouts of America Maintains Ban on Gays

Is “Art of Manliness” Sexist?

Recent Graduates Face a Molasses-Like Economy

Where’s the Counter-Culture?


Supreme Court, Media Slips, and general un-with-itness

Why We Need Graphic Violence

Game of Thrones translates better to the screen than Lord of the Rings

In Defense of This Generation

Obama: the brand

The Problem With Protest

Fluffy Democracy and the 2012 Election


Instances of Apology to the “Younger Generation”

Summer Update Schedule

An American Invasion

Homosexuality In Comics As Of May 20th

Flo Rida ft. White Girls (Sort Of)

On graduating in 2012

Porn Is Not Poltergeists

Coping with Cartoon Death


Miss Travel is both Lame and Prostitution

Is Rich Michelson As Good As Anybody?

Tupac and the Digitally Embalmed

[Very] Brief Thoughts On Entertainment

Evangelical Christianity and Destructive Views of Heaven

The Avengers and New Footage Fatigue

David Foster Wallace, Virginia Woolf, and Author Necromancy

Mashin’ It Up

Thoughts on Racism, Cultural Evolution, and Neurology

Missing: Non-White Actors

Sexism, Reductionism, and Stepping on Women’s Heads


A Look at The Walking Dead‘s Theodore Douglas

Terrible Moments in News Media (Not Limited to Rush Limbaugh)

Thoughts About The Internet

Hitler, Ray Comfort, and the Dismal State of Discussion

Attitudes Towards Feminism in the Past Week 3

Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts Review (Also Austin is a Hipster City)

A Response to Kotaku’s “Why a Colonial Assassin’s Creed Makes Complete Sense (and Sounds Awesome)”


Archetypes: Why Wizardry Triumphed Over Mythology

Facebook Censorship: A Sign of the Times?

Girls: 2 Broke and One New [Pt. 3] – Race

Girls: 2 Broke and One New [Pt. 2] – Humour

Girls: 2 Broke and One New [Pt. 1] – Cast 

American Heroes and the British Men Who Play Them

Fairy-Tale Weddings and the Decline of Marriage

Dakota Fanning Being Sexy on Magazine Covers

Naked Boys Singing: For Your Enjoyment

This is how The Office Ends: Not with a Bang, but with a Spinoff


You Should Care About Super PACs

Product Placement, and/or Wouldn’t an Ice Cold Pepsi Really Hit The Spot Right Now?

Sweden Recognizes Kopimism as a Religion: What on Earth does ‘Religion’ Mean?

The Virgin Diaries: A Book Review

World War Z and other Incidences of the Undead

The Movies Always Come Back, the Actors Don’t

Lisbeth, the Sexualized Autist: What The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo says about American Culture

Media in 2011

Why You Should Watch Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade Next Year

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