Dance Like Somebody’s Watching: Director Juanjo Giménez on His Short Film Timecode
Juanjo Giménez: Director of the Oscar-nominated Shortfilm offers some insight on his penchant for short films and personal experience with dance.

Devil Town: Our Infernal Interview with Nick Barrett
Nick Barrett: Director of Devil Town discusses the challenges, rewards, and inspiration behind his 60s-style horror film.

Animus: Our Soul Searching Interview with Johnny Sachon
Johnny Sachon: Actor and Producer describes the creation of Animus and touches on the lessons to be learned from it.

Making Till We Meet Again: Emrhys Cooper Explains What It’s Like Being the Bad Guy [In Relationships and Abroad]
Emrhys Cooper: Actor in the award-winning Till We Meet Again provides a bit or perspective on playing the romantic antagonist.

Making Till We Meet Again: Backpacking and Screenwriting with Johan Matton
Johan Matton: Writer, Executive Producer, and Actor in the award-winning Till We Meet Again shares how his own life experiences moulded the film.

Making Till We Meet Again: Director Bank Tangjaitrong on Filming Your Home Country
Bank Tangjaitrong: Director of the award-winning Till We Meet Again elaborates on the experience of filming in, and depicting, Thailand.

NEON: Our Illuminating Interview with Director Mark Blackman
Mark Blackman: Director of the short film NEON shines a light on genre, special effects, and his own sci-fi influences.

In Ophelia‘s Seat: A Q&A with Ali Mueller About Her Interview
Ali Mueller: Actor, Producer, and star of the short film Ophelia pulls back the curtain on auditions, her childhood dreams, and dealing with pressure.

In Ophelia‘s Seat: Anthony Garland Explains the Film’s Name, Length, and Even Its Genre
Anthony Garland: Actor, Writer, and Director fills in the blanks regarding Ophelia, which he wrote, directed, and edited himself.

Bernie and Rebecca and Melissa Kent: On Her Directorial Debut, Its Creation, And More to Come
Melissa Kent: Film Editor and Director provides a behind-the-scenes look at the process making her short film Bernie and Rebecca.

Free State of Mind: Andrew Govender Discusses Acting, Tradition, and Religion
Andrew Govender: Model, Actor, and co-lead in the South African film Free State, explains his character’s background.

Free State of Mind: Actress Nicola Breytenbach on Getting in Character
Nicola Breytenbach: Model, Actor, and co-lead in the South African film Free State, shares about her first-time acting experience.

Free State of Mind: Behind the Scenes with Producer Terwadkar Rajiv
Terwadkar Rajiv: Film Producer whose South African film Free State was premiering at film festivals at the time of this interview.

Christopher Zeischegg [aka Danny Wylde] on Art, Horror, Racism, and, of course, Porn
Christopher Zeischegg: formerly known as porn star Danny Wylde, who had recently written a short story titled “On The Moral Imperative To Commodify Sexual Suffering”.

Rachel Brown on Food, Religious Identity, and the Appeal of Muslim Extremists
Rachel Brown: PhD candidate in the department of Religion and Culture at Wilfrid Laurier University.

2 Broke Girls And the Interview with Federico Dordei, Part 1 – What Happened To Luis?
2 Broke Girls And the Interview with Federico Dordei, Part 2 – Behind the Scenes at Stage 21
A two-part interview with Federico Dordei: Film and TV Actor and former cast member of 2 Broke Girls.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The above two-part interview has since been taken down at the personal request of the interviewee.

Language as a Product of Cultural Evolution [Or Why Chimpanzees Can’t Talk and We Can]
Daniel Cloud: Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University and Author of the book The Domestication of Language: Cultural Evolution and the Uniqueness of the Human Animal.

BURAAQ: Two Brothers, A Superhero, And the Truth About Islam
Adil Imtiaz: Artist and Co-creator of BURAAQ, a comic book featuring a Muslim superhero.

The Batgirl of San Diego: Diversity in the DC Universe
Kyrax2: The Batgirl of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con who asked a number of DC panels “Where are the women?”

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