in order from most to least recent.


Virgin Comments on TLC Depiction

GOP 2012: Why Competence and Communication are Important

A Sinterklaas Celebration and Sensitivity

Kim Jong-il is Dead; Nobody Knows What is Going on in North Korea (Still)

Michael Patrick King, Definitely Not Being Racist

Let’s Quit Overthinking Philanthropy

How Community Could Be Better

Les Miserables Movie 2012 (?): Mostly Exciting

The Lizard’s New Look

Hugo: Scorsese Tells  a Story and is Awesome at it


Here Be Unwise Internet Purchases

Social Service and the 2012 Election

Community: An Observation, Not a Defence

A Letter to Anyone Entering the Job Market in 2012

Christopher Bird: Should Be Writing For Comics

The Implications of Charlie Hebdo’s Mockery of Islam and Muslims’ Response

Aaron Diaz: Has a Lot of Opinions About DC


Filling the Market Void: Why the E-Reader is Not the End of the World

This Is Not Who I Am

Barnes and Noble Partners with Wayfair.com, World Becomes a Sadder Place

Kids Those Days

Christians, Sex, and Marriage, part 2(ish)

Carbonated Beverages No Longer For Females

The People’s Library of Occupy Wall Street

Epic Meal Time: Leaving Grease Stains on Pop Culture

Does The Onion Even Have Lines? #CongressHostage


Attitudes Towards Feminism in the Past Week 2

#OccupyWallStreet: Protesting with Hashtags

Family Guy, Nine Years of Testing Our Patience

News written by computers will make opinions matter more

The Office and Why It Could Use a F◦R◦I◦E◦N◦D

Some Frightening Things About Popular Technology

9/11: Ten Years Later

Let Them Talk: Hugh Laurie’s new blues album

Christians, Sex, and Marriage


Hurricane Occurs, Media Freaks Out About Itself

From Puppetry to Pod Races

Decemberists, Infinite Jest, and Michael Schur Unite (and there was much rejoicing)

Why I Disagree With Dota 2

Ai Weiwei and the inevitable human rights movement in China

World War Z Minus the History

Colbert Super PAC’s First Commercial

Guilt in The Congo and the Koprulu Sector

Liam Neeson to costar in Battleship

Everyone’s Talking About Miles Morales

Being Erica Soon to Be American

Slacktivism, or: Elisa feels bad about saying that philanthropy might not always be awesome


The Batgirl of San Diego: Diversity in the DC Universe [interview]

The Debt Ceiling: A Summary for People Who Don’t Know What The Debt Ceiling Is

The Representation of East Asian Characters in Two Popular Western Comic Strips

Thoughts on Metacelebrity

Holly Brook is Skylar Grey

Education Inflation and Prolonged Adolescence in Middle Class America

The Autobots Wage Their Battle To…

In Defense of Gender Inclusive Language



Same Sex Marriage in the Current Context

Attitudes Towards Feminism in the Past Week

Wristcutters: A [Self-Defeating] Love Story

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