2014 in Review [Official WordPress Post]

2014’s Cultural Battleground – Evan’s Account

2014’s Cultural Battleground – Kat’s Account

2 Broke Girls, S4E7 “And a Loan for Christmas”: A TV Review

2014’s Cultural Battleground – Gordon’s Account

Don’t Watch Exodus: Gods and Kings, Sorry About No Real Post, Please Comment About the Relative Effectiveness of This Song Parody

Not Strictly Literary: 6 Unexpected Subjects You Learn About in English

2 Broke Girls, S4E6 “And the Model Apartment”: A TV Review

The Face-Punching Waiter: Another Culture Wars Parable

The 50/50 Fallacy [Yes, It’s Another Big Hero 6 Post]

Why Men Need Feminism Too: On Shia LeBeouf’s Rape

The Trial of Michael Brown


A Short Post on Taylor Swift as FeministMusician Jilted Lover Person

5 Major Issues that Contributed to the Burnaby Mountain Protest

2 Broke Girls, S4E5 “And the Brand Job”: A TV Review

When Life Gives You Don Lemon

John Cho is Hot on Selfie, and Why It Matters

My First Time LARPing (Live Action Role Playing): A Culture War Report

2 Broke Girls, S4E4 “And the Old Bike Yarn”: A TV Review

Why I’m Not A Liberal

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Write What I Want To-

I’m Sorry, but Keira Knightley’s Topless Photo Does Not Count as a Win in the War Against Photoshop

2 Broke Girls, S4E3 “And the Childhood Not Included”: A TV Review

The Wall Will Fall

Order Up: A Parable About Asian Viewers and Big Hero 6

Jian Ghomeshi Part II: What Should We Do With Our Monsters?

2 Broke Girls, S4E2 “And the DJ Face”: A TV Review

What Are We Afraid Of?


A Canadian Reacts to Americans’ Reactions to the Parliament Shootings

Jian Ghomeshi vs. The Women: 4 Reasons Why Liking Q Isn’t a Good Enough Reason to Defend Him

2 Broke Girls, S4E1 “And the Reality Problem”: A TV Review

The Stupid Stops Here

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Released, Comics Lover Swears He Will Watch No More

A Visual Reminder of What Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Still) Looks Like

Freedom Socialist Party Offers $13 an Hour (This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things)

Unpacking the Importance of The Whiteness Project

Ms. Marvel, #9: A Comic Book Review

If This Blog Doesn’t Make You Pick Up Your Smart Phone then I’m Obviously Not Guilt Tripping You Enough!

Obama Doesn’t Care About Black People(?)

Stripping Jennifer Lawrence: Not What She Did, But Why

Stripping Jennifer Lawrence: the Difference Between a Scandal and a Sex Crime

CWR’s Halloween Movie Recommendations II

Representation, As In, How We Present Ourselves [I Need To Get Groceries]

12 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Went to University


Why “Yes Means Yes” Means “Maybe”

Re: What Guys Really Think About Your High-Waisted Shorts

Thoughts on Season 8 of Doctor Who (i.e. Will Peter Capaldi Kill the Doctor?)

Why ISIS Can’t Last

Had It With Litter? [The Power Is Yours!]

The Ethics of Tourism: Considering A Small Place in the Traveller’s Era

The Post-Racial America (That We Don’t Live In)

Ms. Marvel, #8: A Comic Book Review

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Our Trip to Cuba

Unofficial Fame Day: Henry Rollins

Don’t Just Hire Minority Creators [Promote Hiring Them, Too]

If You’re Reading This…

Yes For Scotland


Mystery Room: A Culture War Report

RE: Do Western Christians Want Martyrs? – Yes, They Do

Do Western Christians Want Martyrs?

Fixing Ghost Movies

Giving Money [Minus the Ice Bucket]

Ms. Marvel, #7: A Comic Book Review

Reflections On One Year of Marriage: 4 Things I Didn’t Expect


Sure, You Get Into Heaven [But Wait, There’s More!]

ISIS, Gaza, Ebola, and Robin Williams: Dealing with Grief on the Large and Small Scale

Schedules, They Are A Changin’

Talking About Talking About Culture

Québec Part V: Saying Goodbye (5 Things I’ll Miss about the French Province)

On Break

Difficulties, Technical and Otherwise

Quebec Pt. IV: 3 Indespensible (and Free) Tools for Translation


Fame Day: BDS

[Insert Witty Filler Name Here]

Shame Day: Whitewashed Bible Movies and the Christians Who Watch Them

Why Palestine Can’t Use Nonviolence

Quebec Pt. III: 4 Things You Inadvertently Learn in French Immersion

Please Don’t Kill the MAGIC!: A “Rude” Apologist Speaks Out

Fame Day: The One State Solution

Surprise Witness: Crass Cartoons and Reprehensible Rappers

Shame Day: The Post-Grad’s Job Search

The Strain: It’s Nosferatu On Steroids

BC Girl in a Québécois World Pt. II: What to Expect in Quebec

My Problems with Genderbent Cosplay

Fame Day: Liberation Theology (Can the Church be a Force for Social Justice?)

Ms. Marvel, #6: A Comic Book Review

In This Specific Context You Can Blame the French

Ms. Marvel, #4: A Comic Book Review

Shame Day: Your Fave Is Problematic

The Siege of Gaza

BC Girl in a Québécois World

Storing Characters: If Not The Fridge, Then Where?

Fame Day: Reddit’s Response to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

Culture War Correspondence: Sports

Shame Day: Sexual Harassment, Corruption and Bullying in the RCMP

Fixing Exorcism Movies

Will Blogging Now Come Back to Haunt Me Later?

Talking [And Continuing to Talk] About Sexual Assault in the Animation Industry

Fame Day: The Presbyterian Church

Culture War Correspondence: Patriotism

Shame Day: David Finch, Wonder Woman, and Feminism


Yahoo Saves Community

Sell Sex Pt. III: Bill C-36, Human Trafficking, and Sex Work (Was I Wrong?)

The Real Reason Assassin’s Creed Unity Has No Female Playable Characters

Fame Day: Carly Fleischmann, Giving a Voice to Autism

Ms. Marvel, #5: A Comic Book Review

Culture War Correspondence: Pride Week

Shame Day: John Piper

How Many Palestinians Is One Israeli Worth?

A Story for the Average Woman:Maleficent on Rape and Motherhood

Not A Review Of The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

Fame Day: Redskins Trademark Registration Denied

Culture War Correspondence: Being Canadian

Shame Day: The BC Government vs. BC Teachers

America Wants Dead Soldiers


David Goyer is the Worst, And We’re On A Break

Fame Day: Jose Mujica

Culture War Correspondence: Are Animals People Too?

Shame Day: Hollywood’s Attempts to Remake Akira

In Defense of $15 an Hour

The Problem with Purity (When Christian Values Distract from the Message)

Let Me Tell You “What Happened To Music?”

Fame Day: #thevagenda, When Twitter took down the Tabloids

Culture War Correspondence: Circumcision

Shame Day: My Fellow Marxists

A Picture of Socialist America

If We Really Want to Celebrate Motherhood, Can We Stop Being so Afraid of Boobs and Blood?

Avi Arad: Diverse Futures, Passed [Opportunities]

Fame Day: Leslie Jones

Culture War Correspondence: Music – Catchiness vs. Content

Shame Day: The Boko Haram Kidnappings (and the reasons I postponed reporting it)

2 Broke Girls, S3E24 “And the First Degree”: A TV Review

The Cultural Revolution

University Rape

Re: “Meet The Poster Child For ‘White Privilege’ – Then Have Your Mind Blown”

Fame Day: May Day


Culture War Correspondence: Healthy Living

Shame Day: Donald Sterling, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the NBA

2 Broke Girls, S3E23 “And the Free Money”: A TV Review

Killing the Death Penalty

The Layers of Ethical Fashion

The Context and Cultural Appropriation of Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” Music Video

Fame Day: Maysoon Zayid, Integrated Schools, and Bringing Special Needs into the Spotlight

Culture War Correspondence: Cultural Sensitivity

Shame Day: Michelle Malkin

2 Broke Girls, S3E22 “And the New Lease on Life”: A TV Review

The Golden Age of Television

Moving on up… (i.e. No Post Today)

I Shouldn’t Have To Say This, But Community Should Be Good [Or At Least Better]

Fame Day: Alice and Kev

Ms. Marvel, #3: A Comic Book Review

Culture War Correspondence: Getting Into Reading Comics

2 Broke Girls, S3E21 “And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Game of ThronesThe Walking Dead, and Writers Who Kill Everyone

The Mental Health Issue

The Human Barbie, Hairy Armpits, and Beauty Modifications

2 Music Videos That Flipped The Sexual Script [And Failed]

Retract, Don’t Do It, When You Want To Go Do It

Culture War Correspondence: Superman and Superheroes

Shame Day: Hollywood and Older Leading Ladies

Generational Time Zones

5 Lessons from the HIMYM finale

Caring About Staring

Fame Day: Micro Homes

Culture War Correspondence: Universal Healthcare

Shame Day: Noah Bashers


Guaranteed Minimum Income

I’m givin’ it all I’ve got cap’n!

An Open Letter To Women I Am Interested In

Fame Day: #SafeSearchWrapUp

Culture War Correspondence: Modesty

6 Reasons to Pick Up Iron Patriot#1 Tomorrow

2 Broke Girls, S3E20 “And the Not Broke Parents”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Sun News

Our Injustice System (Revisited)

What Do We Want From America [In Terms of Diversity]?

Fame Day: Tom Morello

Ms. Marvel, #2: A Comic Book Review

Culture War Correspondence: The Police

Shame Day: The White Man March

2 Broke Girls, S3E19 “And the Kilt Trip”: A TV Review

Banning Bossy

Farmed and Dangerous, S1E4 “Ends Meat”: A Web Show Review

Taking a Breaky-Break

Cool It: A Documentary Review

Falling Off the Hate Bandwagon

Fame Day: Slightly Better Representation at the Oscars

Culture War Correspondence: Russia and the Ukraine

Farmed and Dangerous, S1E3 “Raising the Steaks”: A Web Show Review

Shame Day: Piers Morgan

2 Broke Girls, S3E18 “And the Near Death Experience”: A TV Review

The Heroes Effect

A Culture War Report: Facebooking the Ukrainian Protests


Write Off, Write On

Fame Day: Seth Rogen, Alzheimer’s Disease Activist

Culture War Correspondence: Disney Movies and Gender Roles

Farmed and Dangerous, S1E2 “Passing the Buck”: A Web Show Review

2 Broke Girls, S3E17 “And the Married Man Sleepover”: A TV Review

Shame Day: The Sochi Olympics

Comcast And Net Neutrality

Frozen: The Power of a Pretty Dress

Internet Asks Why The Human Torch Is Black, I Ask Why His Sister Isn’t

Fame Day: Kroll Show

Culture War Correspondence: Minority Representation

Shame Day: Candy Crush Saga

Farmed and Dangerous, S1E1 “Oiling the Food Chain”: A Web Show Review

The Presidents’ Day Post

Selling Sex Pt. II: Sex at the Super Bowl

I Kissed Kissing Goodbye [And Present Thoughts on the Matter]

Fame Day: Stopping Super Bowl Sexism

Culture War Correspondence: Censorship

Shame Day: The Portrayal of Christians in Popular Media

Why I Do Need Feminism

Naked Ladies and the Balance of Power

“Fully Clothed” ≠ “Well-Designed”

Fame Day: Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous

Ms. Marvel, #1: A Comic Book Review

Culture War Correspondence: Valentine’s Day

2 Broke Girls, S3E16 “And the ATM”: A TV Review

Shame Day: Beyonce, Macklemore and the Grammy Backlash

Drive-By Evangelism


Meditations on Listening in the Internet Age

Grammarly: An Online Platform Review

Fame Day: Kshama Sawant

Culture War Correspondence: How We Would Do TV

Shame Day: Dark, Gritty Fan Art of Beloved Childhood Characters

2 Broke Girls, S3E15 “And the Icing on the Cake”: A TV Review

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Kids and Fame and Justin Bieber’s DUI

What Happened To MusclesGlasses?

Fame Day: Hyperbole and a Half and Depression

Culture War Correspondence: Evolution, Creation, and Debate

2 Broke Girls, S3E14 “And the Dumpster Sex”: A TV Review

Shame Day: The NSA (And Its Defenders)

Writing Issues

Neil Young and the Tar Sands

My Little Pony Hates Men!”: A Short Look at Gender, Representation, and Cartoons

Fame Day: New GirlBrooklyn Nine-Nine, and Diversity

Culture War Correspondence: The Internet’s Disenchantment with Jennifer Lawrence

Shame Day: Our (In)justice System

2 Broke Girls, S3E13 “And the Big But”: A TV Review

Helix and the Trouble with Tropes

Duck Dynasty vs. Real Persecution

An Asian Man’s Reaction to AMWW Magazine

Things Didn’t Work Out As I’d Liked

Doctor Who, Christmas Special “The Time of the Doctor” : A TV Review

Fame Day: Cop Watch

Culture War Correspondence: Atheist Churches

New Years Resolutions i.e. Kat is Back

Shame Day: Shia LaBeouf

The Truth About Welfare (From Someone Who Works In Welfare)

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