Culture War Correspondence


[formerly known as “Evan and gordon Talk”]

Is It Okay To Punch Nazis? [E/G]

Sports [K/G]

Patriotism [E/G]

Pride Week [Writers’ Roundtable]

Being Canadian [E/K]

Are Animals People Too? [E/G]

Circumcision [K/G]

Music – Catchiness vs. Content [E/K]

Healthy Living [E/G]

Cultural Sensitivity [K/G]

Getting Into Reading Comics [E/K]

Superman and Superheroes [E/G]

Universal Healthcare [K/G]

The Police [E/G]

Russia and the Ukraine [E/G]

Disney Movies and Gender Roles [E/K]

Minority Representation [E/G]

Censorship [K/G]

Valentine’s Day [E/K]

How We Would Do TV [E/G]

Evolution, Creation, and Debate [K/G]

The Internet’s Disenchantment with Jennifer Lawrence [E/K]

Atheist Churches [E/G]

No Red Kettles and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” [Writers’ Roundtable]

Online Dating Sites [E/K]

Advertising [E/G]

Funerals [E/G]

4th Wave Feminism [K/G]

Sitcom Absurdity [E/G]

Halloween Costumes [Writers’ Roundtable]

[Evan and Gordon Talk from here down]

First Nations Fracking Protests [ft. Kat in lieu of Gordon]

TCKs And Other Cultural Stuff

About Whatever, Because You’re Not Helping Us Out Topics-Wise

Is The World Worse? [ft. Kat in lieu of Gordon]


Movies in General

The Confederate Flag



Beauty [ft. the whole crew]

Weddings and Marriage [ft. Kat in lieu of Gordon]

Regulation [ft. Kat in lieu of Evan]

The UK Porn Ban


E&GT Special Interview: Kat, Our Newest CWR!

Fat People

Homosexuality in Television

Can Artists Retract Their Work?


Indie Games [And Minecraft]

Fan Fiction


Naps [And Also, the Hours in a Day]

College Grads’ Reactions to “Easy Money” Shows

E&GT Extra: Smoking and Society, Cont’d

Smoking and Society

Alcohol and Western Culture

Religion’s Role in A Secular World


Separating Art From Artist

 Our Ideal Women [Valentine’s Edition!]

Men and Manliness

Why Christian Media Is So Bad

How To Fix SNL

The Purpose of College

Django Unchained

Nerd Culture

New Lit. Genre

Greatest Food Show of All Time

The Walking Dead

Deadliest Warrior

Adventure Time’s Artistic Merit
[Where we discuss what we’ve been doing and how we can do better.]

Racially Accurate Casting

Have We Had Enough of Zombies?

The Greatest Flaw of This Generation [Continued]

The Greatest Flaw of This Generation

Stand-up Comedy, How Far Is Too Far?

Community, Season 4

Facebook and Privacy

Kung Fu Movies

Affirmative Action

Hipster Racism

The Bechdel Test

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