2015’s Cultural Battleground – Evan’s Account

2 Broke Girls, S5E5 “And the Escape Room”: A TV Review

2015’s Cultural Battleground – Kat’s Account

2015’s Cultural Battleground – Gordon’s Account

Dividing Violence and Video Games

2 Broke Girls, S5E4 “And the Inside Out Situation”: A TV Review

This is What Environmental Racism Looks Like

What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?

The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space: A Book Review

Jessica Jones was Good, But It Should Have Been Great


2 Broke Girls, S5E3 “And the Maybe Baby”: A TV Review

The Christian Paranoia Industrial Complex

Save Refugees, Save America

[Doing Our Very Best to] Finish Strong

2 Broke Girls, S5E2 “And the Gym and Juice”: A TV Review

3 Reasons Why the Paris Attack Feels like 9/11 and 1 Reason Why It Demands A Different Response

Post Incoming

2 Broke Girls, S5E1 “And the Wrecking Ball”: A TV Review

Coming Out, Moving Forward

A Very Special CWR Christmas

Christopher Zeischegg [aka Danny Wylde] on Art, Horror, Racism, and, of course, Porn

Can You Do Halloween Without Buying Into Excessive Consumerism?

The Case for Unisex Bathrooms


Why A 2 Broke Girls Porn Parody Doesn’t Exist

We’re Fighting For Our Rights, Not Yours:Suffragette and the Persistence of White Feminism

Benjamin Netenyahu: Holocaust Denier

Having Put The Martian on Blast, Let’s Talk Briefly About Intersectionality

Justin Trudeau Makes Me Cry: The Trouble with Strategic Voting

Am I Disablist? 2 Surprising Ways We Still Oppress Disabled People (or, How A.J. Withers Changed the Way I Think About Disability)

CWR’S Halloween Recommendations III

Putting The Martian On Blast – Racebending, Whitewashing, and the Last Straw

Ms. Marvel, #19: A Comic Book Review

Captain Marvel Pushed Back Again, Company Apologist On Verge of Giving Up

3 Life Lessons I Learned in Church (Or, the Hilariously-Sad Realization that I Grew Up in a Cult)

The 3 Best Parts of a Professional Sporting Event for People Who Don’t Love Sports (i.e. Me)

Why Horror Movies Are Good For You

Hulu: The Greatest Argument For Piracy I’ve Ever Seen


Unofficial Fame Day: Shep Smith

Marvel’s New Black Panther and the Ghettoization of Comic Books

We Need More Women in STEM, But I’m Not One Of Them

3 Things I Learned During My 3 Weeks of Internet Deprivation

On The Image Problem of Christ

“Would U?” Consider This Jezebel Feature Sexist?

What Happened to Josh/Epic Mook onEpic Meal Time?

Ms. Marvel, #18: A Comic Book Review

Pro-Israel vs Pro-Palestine: Can There Be a Third Option?

In Defence of the Dress Code

Unfurling Our New Feature: Twice-a-Month Guest Posts!

This Post Contains Pictures of Dead Children

What Happened to Shauna on The Mindy Project?

Nestlé and BC Water: Why the Problem is Much Bigger than “Not Charging Enough”

Straight Outta Compton: A Film Review


Another One of Those Weeks…

4 Reasons Why Marriage is Worth the Risk (Even in the Age of Ashley Madison)


The Problem with Leaks [And the People Who Want Them]

3 Reasons You Should Watch Home(According to Kat and her Nieces)

“Hail Satan Gaiman” or “Sympathy for the Devil”

The Internet, The Military, And Feminism – A Brief Interaction Between Two Facebook Pages

Socially Conscious Comedy Part II: Key and Peele on Being Black in America

Bernie Sanders VS. Black Lives Matter: How Is This Helping?

Ms. Marvel, #17: A Comic Book Review

Socially Conscious Comedy Part I: 3 Important Feminist Issues That Amy Schumer Humerously Highlights

Is It Time To Stop Reading Shakespeare?


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s Unbelievable Dong Nguyen

3 Reasons Why I Will Be Watching Ronda Rousey Fight Bethe Correia

Why We Don’t Need Fat Acceptance

Houghton Students and Early Marriage [An Observation, Not a Defence] – Redux and Reflection

Body Positivity and “Healthy” Double Standards, or Why I Need Fat Acceptance Even Though I’m (Relatively) Thin

When Life Gives You Don Lemon II: The Lemoning

“Sorry” Means Nothing Unless It Comes With Real Change: On Truth and Reconciliation in Canada and Beyond

Can A Feminist Wear High Heels?

Compulsory Comic-Con Blog Post About Race [And Archie Comics!]

5 Classic Films I’m Going to Force My Kids to Watch

(Gay) Mawige Is Wat Bwings Us Togever Today

Stew Departs


Safe Spaces and Echo Chambers – Finding The Middle Ground

Jurassic World Hates Women One Woman In Particular

Ms. Marvel, #16: A Comic Book Review

Rachel Brown on Food, Religious Identity, and the Appeal of Muslim Extremists

Celebrity Blind Spots and Fixing Racist Narratives [By Making Everyone White]

Mad Max has a Feminist Hero for (Almost) Everyone


Gordon’s TV Recommendations: Summer 2015

2 Broke Girls And the Interview with Federico Dordei, Part 2 – Behind the Scenes at Stage 21

Two Things Forgiveness Should Never Mean (i.e. Learning from the Duggars)

2 Broke Girls And the Interview with Federico Dordei, Part 1 – What Happened To Luis?

Culture War Reporters’ Memorial Day Montage

When Patriots Inflate

3 Questions We Need to Ask about FHRITP and Internet Justice

2 Broke Girls, S4E22 “And the Disappointing Unit”: A TV Review

Can’t Hang ‘Em Thrice: Dzhokhar and the Death Penalty

Recap Filler and What To Do This Weekend

Ms. Marvel, #15: A Comic Book Review

In Defence of the Theatre [or What the Film Version Just Can’t Give You]: A Culture War Report

2 Broke Girls, S4E21 “And the Grate Expectations”: A TV Review

The Ladders (Aint Worth Your Time)

Marvel Fan Admits DC’S Movie Are Better [In One Crucial Way]

Did Mayweather Just Kill Boxing?

2 Broke Girls, S4E20 “And the Minor Problem”: A TV Review

Movies for Socialists

Language as a Product of Cultural Evolution [Or Why Chimpanzees Can’t Talk and We Can]


The Hoarder Vs. The Purger: How Do You Appreciate What You Own Without Letting It Own You?

2 Broke Girls, S4E19 “And the Look of The Irish”: A TV Review

Explaining American Politics To Non Americans – Part III: The Democratic Party

Considering Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Or: Just Another Drop in The Bucket]

Is “Feminism” a Self-Defeating Label?

2 Broke Girls, S4E18 “And the Taste Test”: A TV Review

Let’s Talk About (Peaceful) Protest

In Defence of Han and Gisele’s Relationship in Fast Five [And Other Thoughts About Hollywood and The Asian Male]

Ms. Marvel, #14: A Comic Book Review

2 Broke Girls, S4E17 “And the High Hook-Up”: A TV Review

Remembering Christopher Hitchens

Can You Be a Feminist, and Still Love James Bond Films?


2 Broke Girls, S4E16 “And the Zero Tolerance”: A TV Review

Explaining American Politics To Non-Americans – Part II: The Republican Party

Why The Fast and the Furious Franchise Has the Superior “Comic Book” Movie Shared Universe

Stew’s on Academic Leave

Can Video Games Make Thoughtful Social Critiques?

2 Broke Girls, S4E15 “And the Fat Cat”: A TV Review

Explaining American Politics To Non-Americans – Part I: Why We’re ****ed

Aaron Sorkin and Flash Boys: The Difficulty with Bringing Asian Heroes to the Big Screen

Re: #DontStayInSchool: In Defense of the System

47 Traitors – A Torrid Tale of Tumidity

Tumblr and SJWs: The Difference Between Having a Problem and Being One

Florida’s War on Context

Ms. Marvel, #13: A Comic Book Review

Lisa Nakamura Part 2: Navajo Circuits and the “Nimble Fingers” of Asian Women

2 Broke Girls, S4E14 “And the Cupcake Captives”: A TV Review

“Us Vs. Stuff” or “What The **** Is Up With Subscription Services?”

Why Ben Carson Shouldn’t Be President

Frankenstein’s (Healthy) Babies

Kat can’t come to the blog right now, please try again next week

BURAAQ: Two Brothers, A Superhero, And the Truth About Islam


Expanding the Golden Rule (Are We Taking Animals “Foie Gras-ted?”)

Lisa Nakamura Part 1: Tumblr Activism and This Bridge Called My Back

2 Broke Girls, S4E13 “And the Great Unwashed”: A TV Review

The Internet and Mob Justice

Homosexuality in Comics: Here Be Lesbians

Je suis Miyazaki?

Ms. Marvel, #12: A Comic Book Review

3 Things About Valentine’s Day That Are Less Fun to Criticize Than 50 Shades of Grey

2 Broke Girls, S4E12 “And the Knock-Off Knockout”: A TV Review

There Is Neither Male Nor Female – Rethinking Gender Roles

Perfunctory Valentine’s Day Post 2015 [Yes, I Write About That]

Darwin Day!

In Defence of Feminine Strength (Re: In Defense of the Warrior-Princess)

2 Broke Girls, S4E11 “And the Crime Ring”: A TV Review

In Defense of the Warrior-Princess

Why The Internet Hates Sports

The Rise (or Return?) of the Post-Secularist

Writers’ Roundtable Interview: Stew, Old Friend and New CWR!

Ms. Marvel, #11: A Comic Book Review

Why I Decided to Stop Being a “Tough Girl” and Just Be Me

2 Broke Girls, S4E10 “And the Move-In Meltdown”: A TV Review

Why We Need/Don’t Need Black History


Michelle Obama, Cultural Norms, and Making A Statement

The Last 3 Books That Made Me Cry (And Why You Should Read Them)

White Guilt, Privilege, and Justice

The Black and White of American Sniper [No, This Isn’t About Race]

5 Reasons Why Galavant is my New Guilty-Pleasure Comedy

2 Broke Girls, S4E9 “And The Past and The Furious”: A TV Review

Taylor Swift: History’s Greatest Monster

When Is A Good Deed Not A Good Deed? [When Taylor Swift Does It]

Jane Austen vs. Nicholas Sparks (How Romance Literature can be Empowering or Enslaving)

Clarifying Charlie Hebdo

The 2014 Evan Yeong Literary Awards

Ms. Marvel, #10: A Comic Book Review

3 Things Christian Parents Can Learn From the Death of Leelah Alcorn

2 Broke Girls, S4E8 “And the Fun Factory”: A TV Review

Passing Post-Modernism

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