EVAN was born in Canada, to a Filipino mother and Chinese-Malaysian father. His parents became missionaries early in his childhood and he has spent roughly half his present life in Asia, in both the Philippines and Thailand. Neither fully Eastern or Western, he makes it a given to take into account cultural background when judging anything.

Having majored in both English and Writing [with a minor in Psychology], Evan is interested in stories and how people think and believes the two to be inseparable. He likes to believe that you can always come away with something positive no matter what you read or watch. M. Night Shyamalan’s film adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender is giving him a run for his money.

Evan has a fascination with comic books and thinks that as a medium it still has places to go. Like many he loves Batman, yet isn’t afraid to state that he has his issues with Christopher Nolan’s interpretations of the characters in the franchise.

He is also an avid reader of webcomics, ranging from the too-wordy SUBNORMALITY to the adorably hilarious Nedroid Picture Diary.

Evan is concerned with continuity in sitcoms, the usage of copy-paste art in comics, the casting for film adaptations of young adult novels, the evanescence of 2D animation on the big screen, equal representation of racial minorities in all media, the slow death of book stores and movie rental places, and not having his bio be too long.

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