GORDON [also known on the site as TROTSKYITE] was born in California, but grew up in Syria, his family having moved to the Middle East when he was six months old. Despite having spent the majority of his life living overseas, Gordon never truly took on either his parent or adopted culture, opting instead to build a perspective based off of books and altogether too much TV.

Having majored in both Psychology and Writing, Gordon is interested in how our values and assumptions affect our actions, and how fundamental changes to the way we see the world can make it a better place.

Gordon has a soft-spot for flash-fiction and flyers containing radical political diatribes. He’s currently working his way through the lectures given at the Socialism 2012 conference, and invites you to listen along here!

Gordon is concerned with the decline of feminism in culture, the normalizing of Islamophobia, and the fact that at the rate he’s going, he’ll run out of GIFs to use in his blog posts by 2015.

This will be his reaction…

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