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  1. Hi,

    My name is Michelle of,, and I came across your blog and loved it. You seem like you enjoy staying active and participating in group events. I think your voice and energy are perfectly in line with the kind of people we’re looking to attract to our brand.

    Our bowling stores carry products that are not just functional but also fashionable. We carry fun bowling accessories that will personalize your style and improve your game.

    I’d love an opportunity to work with you, in one of two ways. You can review our products in exchange for one piece of merchandise or publish an article on our behalf. Below are the details for each option:

    1 – You can choose one pair of Elite bowling shoes ($40 max) from, or OR you can choose one single-tote bowling bag, Elite or Rev brand ($30 max) from, or (We’ll ship either of these to you for free). Write a review by talking about your experience, whether it’s our website or our products. Please take note, this option is only offered in the USA at this time, due to high overseas shipping costs.
    Check out the flyer for more details here:

    2 – You can post a bowling related article we give you with pictures on your blog for us. For this we can pay you $20 for posting it. The article will be very well-written and you can edit it however you like.

    As mentioned before, we’re always looking to building future relationships with our bloggers. If we get a good amount of referral traffic from your site, we’re totally open many more collaborations down the road.

    Not to rush you, but please respond ASAP. We’re contacting a lot of other similar bloggers, and we only have a limited budget for the month for both giveaways and articles.

    Keep up the great work with your blog!


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  3. If you made a Twitter account, I would definitely follow it.

    • I sort of stopped tweeting a few years ago, but here’s a sort of “Greatest Hits” from when I still did:

      – Sat next to a pretty girl today in class and my nose started bleeding. Apparently I am an anime character. #idontevenwatchanime

      – As someone who isn’t Jewish, contracting gentile herpes has always been one of my greatest fears. #STDs

      – Revenge is sweet. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Mystery solved, everyone. Revenge is ice cream. #revenge #isicecream

      – People like to use the expression “watched him like a hawk.” But really- who watches hawks? Bird-watchers, maybe? I don’t know.

      – You know what would be a great name for a Korean kid? Jurassic. #ethnicjokes #ifyoudontknowkoreansyouwontgetit

      – Did you hear about that one movie featuring the machine which turned Asians into Caucasians? It was disorienting, to say the least. #HAHAHA

      – Have you ever considered the implications of global warming in the world of Pixar’s Cars? #itsstaggering #thatisoneveryinconvenienttruth

      – Feeling sort of like that one song by Akon. No, I don’t mean “Smack That.”

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