The Office and Why It Could Use a F◦R◦I◦E◦N◦D

First thing’s first, Michael Scott left the office. Sorry, did I say Michael Scott? I meant Steve Carrell. And no, I don’t mean to imply that he won’t have a very successful film career due to him only being seen as the boss of a paper company.Clearly he’s proven he can play many different characters.

The point is, he’s not returning. In the near future. I don’t doubt that he’ll be popping up for a special episode eventually. The point and important news that everyone probablyalready knows is this: there will be no replacement boss.

To be a little more specific, there will be no character that acts as a replacement for Michael Scott. James Spader, who will be acting as the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin, is quoted as saying, “The show is very balanced right now and they want to utilize the ensemble cast.”

Which is honestly not something I have a problem with. It’s just that, having been a big fan of The Office and knowing that Carrell was leaving, I’ve always envisioned a particular person stepping behind that desk in the Scranton Dunder Mifflin branch. I’ll give you a hint, it’s none of the people they hinted in the last episode of last season.3

The person is Matthew Perry. AKA, Chandler from Friends. My argument is this:

Where Carrell played a boss who was extremely competent yet whollyinappropriate, Perry could portray a neurotic bundle of nerves. It’s the character he played on Friends, and one who also makes appearances in 17 Again,as well as the short-lived Mr. Sunshine.5

He would be uptight and constantly nervous and always freaking out, and because of this I think it would be an opportunity for the other characters in the office to affect their boss more than the other way around. Where Michael Scott influenced everyone he interacted with, this would be a character that would grow and change because of the people he worked with.

After that I suppose he’d have to go, since a show can’t continue with everything being right in the world; a principal character being calm and at peace with himself is awkward at best.

Either way,  I’m just thinking out loud. I’m very excited to see how the show will continue without Carrell, and I can only hope that the network or whoever is correct in thinking the current cast will be able to hold their own. I guess in one week we’ll know.

1. See Mark Hamill’s film career post-Star Wars.

2. I honestly don’t know how much people keep up on stuff like this. I really don’t know.

3. Though I loved Jim Carrey’s character. As well as Ray Romano’s. I was not especially endeared to the rest of them.

4. Personally, I thought Zac Efron played a great old Matthew Perry trapped inside the body of a young Zac Efron.

5. Not that I’ve seen it. I’m just disappointed it was cancelled after one season.

2 responses to “The Office and Why It Could Use a F◦R◦I◦E◦N◦D

  1. I have another argument that Spader, as the new CEO and appearing in 15 episodes might as well be a new boss-type character, but I need to sleep.

    Feel free to argue/agree with me. It is your choice.

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