Elisa is No More

I got worse at posting consistently and on time over the past few months. I kept telling myself that I would be able to catch up soon, or that I was just adjusting to moving and working. But I haven’t caught up, and with grad school approaching I know I won’t be able to keep up consistent and quality posting – so I’m done writing for Culture War Reporters. I like this blog, and I’m glad that Evan asked me to write with him, and I’m glad that whoever reads it (usually people from Google image search, I’m pretty sure) reads it, and it was great for me to have something to make me write each week, but I’m done now. I hope someone quality takes my place. I also hope that Evan starts to write a video-game-and-graphic-novel themed blog and garners thousands of subscribers.

2 responses to “Elisa is No More

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