A Lot Going On

Hello again! It sure has been a while, but I’m back and ready to fill you in on a number of pretty significant changes being made to Culture War Reporters.

First and foremost, and as many of you have already realized/read, Elisa will no longer be writing for the site. While I’m definitely saddened by the news, I’m also thrilled to announce that first-thought-to-be-temporary writer Gordon will be coming on full time. He and I lived together through all four years of college, and I look forward to writing alongside him in spite of the distance.

Secondly, Culture War Reporters turned one two months ago! We did not celebrate it, but it definitely happened. It’s fairly exciting what has happened since then, with:

  • almost 30,000 views all-time.
  • roughly 100 hits per day this year.

I honestly never imagined any of this was possible, and would like to thank those of you who actually read this consistently, as opposed to just stumbling onto it due to an image or something.

So anyway, Gordon will be updating on Tuesdays and I will be back to talk/write at you Fridays. Thanks for being generally awesome people, and here’s to a rad second year!

One response to “A Lot Going On

  1. Also I changed the header a little.

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