2012: The End

Not of the blog, of the year. Or posts for the year, to be more specific. I just got back from two days camping to see that the world had not ended, which was marvelous news. Life, and the internet, as we knows it moves on, and so does Culture War Reporters.

As I am currently in Thailand for the holidays, and both Gordon and I are sorely in need of a break, this will be the last post of 2012. A lot has happened, but I’m going to leave that up to my co-writer, as he’s responsible for a lot of them. As I said in the last post, thanks for reading, and here’s to an even better year.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (who really shouldn’t have any reason to read this post), welcome to Culture War Reporters’ year in review.

Thanks to your fanatical devotion, we here at CWR have completely and utterlysmashed our previous goal of a daily viewer average of 150, and currently have a total number of views exceeding 51,000.

While this is doubtlessly a result of our combined awesomeness, I’d like to also imagine that our host of new installments has something to do with it- this past Fall having seen the advent of “Fame Days”, “Shame Days”, and “Evan and Gordon Talk”– all of which have been resounding successes.

Frankly, I feel we deserve a round of applause.

On top of that, we’ll be taking a well deserved break here at CWR- but don’t worry, we’ll be back the second week of January.

See you then.


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