This Week Has Been Inconsistent, So Instead Of A Real Post Here’s An Apology

It’s 8 in the morning. I’m trying to rack my brain for a topic that I can write about in a little under an hour, because I have a meeting I have to go to at 10. Then I realize, wait, we’ve already hit our five required posts for the week-

Since our E&GT was a day late this week I also wrote a post about the Indiana Jones movies to fill in a little,  so that  means we’re where we already should be on a Friday morning.

I’d like to apologize again as the founder of this blog for things being so shaky this week. Gordon had more or less a good excuse for posting late on Monday, but I didn’t really for not being online to write E&GT with him on Tuesday night.

Suffice to say, I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll put a post up later tonight, but the more likely [and probably wiser] option is that I’ll try to write ahead for next week and do some of the posts that take a little more research. Thanks, as usual, for tuning in. Maybe skim the archives for anything you find interesting?

EDIT: Actually, now that I’ve started reviewing 2 Broke Girls every week we put up six posts, but I still feel bad.

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