Evan and Gordon Talk: About How We’ve Failed You…

Although we did write a post for today, even I, dear readers, thought the quality was too poor for us to publish it. Instead, Evan (who hasn’t been feeling well) and I took it out into the woods and shot it. I’d like to tell you that we gave it a decent burial, but that would be a lie. The coyotes are gonna be eating good tonight.

I know it’s been said before, but how is Sam still fat? Dude’s gotta be burning 5,000 calories a day…

The point is, readers, there will be no E&G Talk this Wednesday (though you should remember to check out Kat’s post). No words can ever describe how ashamed we are of ourselves, which is why the almighty has given us gifs.

We really are sorry.

2 responses to “Evan and Gordon Talk: About How We’ve Failed You…

  1. I don’t really have a suggestion for topic for next week, but I do have an idea you might try out. Bring in a guest. It could generate more dissent (and thus discussion) than the two of you are sometimes able to muster, and if it doesn’t work out you can drop the idea and never speak of it again.

    • We’ve been meaning to bring our new writer Kat in on a few E&GTs, but coordinating between three people is as difficult as you can probably imagine. It is a valid idea and one that we have had.

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