CWR Monday News

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with actual news, but it does relate to what is happening on this blog this Monday. Oh, happy Canadian Thanksgiving, people who celebrate it!

I apologize on Gordon’s behalf for the late post today. There was one up this morning, but we’ve since taken that down, and all in all he’s admitted that this is entirely his fault. It’s a surprise to me, too.

Later today Gordon will be concluding what he is calling a series on Western Christianity [which really started, I suppose, in mid-September] with a post on biblical inerrancy. There will also be a following wrap-up post which gathers the many thoughts he’s presented about the way we view religion in North America. Some of them have been pretty controversial, to say the least, so I’m looking forward to how he chooses to conclude the topic [for now].

On the right is a gif of the devilishly handsome James Franco, playing Harry Osborne in the very poorly received Spider-Man 3. That movie aside, it’s going to be hard to see how Dane Dehaan’s performance is going to compare in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2. He is the apex predator, though. He’s definitely got that going for him.

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