Fame Day: 봉천동 귀신 [Bongcheon-Dong Ghost]

If you live anywhere in North America [and judging by the site stats that is more than likely] you are probably very, very aware that today is All Hallows’ Eve, which is what I prefer to call what is more popularly known as Halloween. To be very, very clear, I’m not a huge fan of the holiday. In fact, if yesterday’s post was any indication, easily my favourite part of the occasion is saying that things are “spoo-oo-ooky”; it’s a lot of fun, you should definitely try it out.

For real, though. I do not enjoy being scared, nor do I really get kick out of scaring others. I have seen maybe two horror movies in their entirety, and didn’t particularly like either of them. I mean, I appreciate that Paranormal Activity terrified me, but I’ve been informed by many that it is not scary in the least, which might lead you to believe that I am by no means a good judge of the genre.

Which brings me to Bongcheon-Dong Ghost.

It is a horror comic, a Korean one. That should tip you off a little, because the fact is that most of the movies that Hollywood has remade from that general part of the world were created with the sole purpose of scaring your pants off. Guys and girls, this comic comes with the following warning before it begins:

It is completely warranted.

I realize that I’ve hyped this up too much already, but seriously, just scrolling down to take a screenshot to make the image below got my heart beating as I remembered the first time I read it. The whole thing is masterfully done, and anything else I could possibly write about it would pale in comparison to the actual experience itself.

All that being said, turn off the lights, put in your headphones, and click the image below for my Halloween present to all of you:


Bongcheon-Dong Ghost was written and illustrated by someone who goes solely by HORANG. Another equally spoo-oo-ooky comic by the creator is Ok-su Station Ghost, which was apparently based on a posting and picture on C bulletin board of D community website back in 2009.

That’s all for today, folks! I hope everyone has a truly horrific Halloween.

6 responses to “Fame Day: 봉천동 귀신 [Bongcheon-Dong Ghost]

  1. I hate you so much right now, I just wanted your other readers to know.

  2. Damn you, Evan. First, that pizza .gif was a terrible thing to see on the night shift. And now this. I think I’ve actually seen it before, and my recognition prepared me a bit, but I definitely need to relax and get my heart rate back down. Now I’m feeling extremely jittery and hungry at the same time.

  3. Evan actually made me read this thing with no warning whatsoever before he worked up the courage to look at it himself. You’re a psychopath, Evan.

  4. oh that was terrifying WHY

  5. Goodness gracious!!! That should be banned! I had to close my eyes half the gory parts and it still disturbed me! No like!

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