Taking a Breaky-Break

Gordon pled and so I capitulated that as a blog we would be taking the week off [with the sole exception of tonight’s 2 Broke Girls review, which I’d like to stay consistent with]. While this particular section of the internet will be quiet for the next seven days, our hardworking bloggers will not simply be sitting around doing nothing-

This week will be devoted to the blog’s Facebook page.

Yes, we realized that the only way we could possibly improve was to expand into what I hear the cool kids are calling “social media”. On our page you’ll be able to catch updates to this blog, of course, but also links to articles that we think are interesting or important [ideally both]. It’s also a great place to share your opinion, or suggest topics for us to write on.

So head on over there with the knowledge that we’re making efforts to liven things up. Please support our efforts as we try our best to get with the times.

EDIT: No 2 Broke Girls tonight. Best break week ever!

ANOTHER EDIT: Just realized I will be reviewing the final episode of Farmed and Dangerous, so there’s that actually.

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