Shame Day: Cigarette Butts

I wrote about this a long time ago on a vastly inferior blog, and I’m going to state it again here in the first sentence of this post: I don’t want to see people throwing their cigarette butts on the ground.

Two weeks ago the image below popped up on imgur, and being pretty interested in where this conversation could go I clicked to see what the discussion was on reddit.

A good portion consisted of people agreeing that having cigarette butts all over the ground is unsightly, disgusting, and can have a toxic environmental impact. On the other side, however, were smokers complaining that things just aren’t that easy.

There were comments along the lines of “There aren’t conveniently placed ashtrays around,” and, “My vehicle does not have an ashtray built in.” To be even more specific, here are a few more I handpicked from the thread:

I honestly don’t have that much to say to all of this, because this isn’t a complex issue to me.

If I am eating a bag of chips and, upon finishing it, I see no trash receptacles around that is not an excuse for me to throw that bag on the ground. In eating that bag of chips the disposal of their container became my responsibility.

This isn’t an issue of how much more difficult life is for you, you have to deal with it. Don’t throw them on the ground, don’t toss them out the window as you drive, and don’t do this:

I don’t care how cool it looks.

I have the same opinion towards smokers as I do towards people who chew gum and, really, everyone else. If you have trash you don’t litter. This is something you should have learned when you were in grade school.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say about this. I literally do not feel the need to say anything else.

Oh, and to the guy who wrote the WikiHow article on how to flick cigarettes? **** that guy.

3 responses to “Shame Day: Cigarette Butts

  1. I agree 100%. The bag of chips analogy is right on.

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  3. I hate fucken smokers

    Smokers are a dying breed, thrash people who only care about themselves. They are slowly dying off and I love it.

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