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Had It With Litter? [The Power Is Yours!]

You gotta get on my level before we get things started. Roughly this time last year I wrote one of my shortest Shame Days [feature to reappear in good time, never fear] ever, the gist of it being that tossing your cigarette butts on the ground is unconscionable. Those who perpetrate the act themselves stick to the defence that “doing otherwise is inconvenient” and if you don’t think that’s the pettiest, shallowest, most irresponsible front then you should probably stop reading this now.

No, I don’t have patience for any of that, or the myriad of other excuses that smokers tend to put up-

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Difficulties, Technical and Otherwise

Man, I really do not enjoy doing this. As I said in my post explaining why Wednesday’s post was missing, I now have a job. This has been a difficult adjustment as far as the blog is concerned since my work hours don’t leave me a lot of time to put posts together.

That being said, sorry for nothing on Friday, as well as no explanation at that point.

I’m going to do everything I can to ensure that there will be a Surprise Witness this Wednesday, as well as a Fame Day and a Friday post both written by yours truly. Sorry again, everyone, and thank you for understanding. Here is a baseball gif to end things off on a good note.

Shame Day: Cigarette Butts

I wrote about this a long time ago on a vastly inferior blog, and I’m going to state it again here in the first sentence of this post: I don’t want to see people throwing their cigarette butts on the ground.

Two weeks ago the image below popped up on imgur, and being pretty interested in where this conversation could go I clicked to see what the discussion was on reddit.

A good portion consisted of people agreeing that having cigarette butts all over the ground is unsightly, disgusting, and can have a toxic environmental impact. On the other side, however, were smokers complaining that things just aren’t that easy. Continue reading

No-Post Friday

If you only know how busy I’ve been. Not only did I just finish up writing a freelance article for a two-page spread, it was an entire day late. I’m also over a week behind on my Gender in Comic Books course, and suffice to say, I-

Tomorrow I will be leaving from work midday to head down to the States to attend a graduation at my alma mater. This will make writing stories for my writing group’s weekly prompts nearly impossible.

In a lot of ways, life is behaving like Marine gunnery sergeant and Iraq War veteran Stephen Roberts [I am the football player, attempting to write a blog , uh, play football]:

Really, though, this is just a bunch of excuses punctuated by mildly entertaining gifs. Next week should be better, so stay tuned for a bunch of posts about race and movies, because I am all about that [and had planned to write about that today].