Fame Day: Dead Kevin Sketch

goodjobdeadkevinIt’s been quite a while since I’ve done this, but I’ve actually dedicated three past Fame Days to YouTube channels/shows: StarCraftsGeek Love, and Munchies. Thinking hard on what to write about for today, I almost slapped myself when I realized that I’ve never blogged about my three favourite YouTube comedians.

Late in December 2011 “Bathroom Blues” came online, heralding the first of dozens of videos to come-

I was linked to “Bathroom Blues” by, if I recall correctly, Shelby Fero‘s old tumblr [it no longer exists], and watched it a few times without thinking much of it. Then I watched their third video. And their fourth and their fifth and their sixth and their seventh and so on. It took all of my willpower to keep the following list of videos to three, so here are “Sick Day”, “Undies”, and “Personal Call”:

In the event that you didn’t watch a single one of the above sketches [they’re all under two minutes, come on], Dead Kevin Sketch consists of three dudes [referring to the image at the top, from left to right]: Ahmed Bharoocha, Ryan O’Flanagan, and Jack Robichaud. Their Youtube About Page informs me that directing  and cinematography are handled by John Hale And Maureen Bharoocha [Ahmed’s sister].

That’s almost literally the minimum amount of people you would need for something like this, and their bare bones set-up is what really got me so interested in them. With the vast majority of episodes taking place within their apartment sans fancy special effects or unique camera tricks, the absence of gimmicks to fall back or rely on makes the entire focus the three guys at centre stage.


It’s just the three of them facing the various ordeals that most friends/roommates end up having to, whether they be deciding on who does the dishes or telling someone what you think of the latest song they wrote. It’s all incredibly down to earth, and hilarious to boot.

My enjoyment of their stuff clearly stated, I was ecstatic when they announced that they would be creating 12 sketches for Comedy Central. That’s definitely a sign that they’re moving up in the world, and while all of those videos were top notch it also brought us another of my favourites, “Hot Girl”:

Granted, awkward humour may not be your thing, but the first three sketches I posted only prove that they excel in a number of different comedic areas. All three have done stand-up in the past, and it is likewise pretty good. You can find examples on YouTube by searching for any of their names.

Dead Kevin Sketch is a comedy group that gets by on the sheer power of their performances, and if that’s not respectable I don’t know what is. If you like what you saw check out their stuff, subscribe, etc. If you don’t, at the very least acknowledge that they’ve created an informative video demonstrating how not to behave during a job interview [really, this could be beneficial to your future employment]:

YouTube Channel: Dead Kevin Sketch – YouTube
Comedy Central Sketches: Comedy Central – Dead Kevin
Facebook Page: facebook.com/DeadKevinSketch
Twitter: @DeadKevinSketch
Updates every 1st and 3rd Monday

One response to “Fame Day: Dead Kevin Sketch

  1. dude. I had never heard of these guys, but then I read this post and watched more of their videos. Time well-spent. Best sketches ever. The facial expressions in every shot are so spot-on. “who made rice?!”

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