Things Didn’t Work Out As I’d Liked

Due to some last-minute freelance writing and a doctor’s appointment I had to take my granddad to today’s post will be going up late. Here’s a bit of filler in the meantime, a TV promos piece I did for The Magazine website:

What’s On TV: January 2014

Oh, and here’s what I stayed up working on, two recaps for the ceaselessly entertaining Total Drama All-Stars for the same site:

TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: “Heroes vs. Villains” Recap


2 responses to “Things Didn’t Work Out As I’d Liked

  1. Question for you. How do you get the freelance work you get? Like, it’s pretty cool you write on, how does that happen?

    • Just connections, as it usually is. Someone my mom is friends with knew someone else, who connected me with someone on the publication. I’m putting the “free” in “freelance” right now, but I enjoy it and it’s great for my portfolio.

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