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4 Reasons Why Marriage is Worth the Risk (Even in the Age of Ashley Madison)

Wow, look at that. John and I made it through two years of marriage without cheating on each other. Someone should probably give us a medal.

But seriously, doesn’t everything about Ashley Madison make marriage sound awful?

As a married person, I can’t help but be interested in the Ashley Madison scandal (even if I find the privacy invasion more than a little disconcerting). It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of spouses who have been betrayed by their significant other, and also fascinating to read various reasons why some individuals digitally invest in finding an affair. It’s also made me furious to read about Christian leaders who thought they could pull the “I’m forgiven, therefore there are no consequences” card when their Ashley Madison accounts were revealed.

If you based your opinion about marriage on what you hear in the news then you might think that it’s a pretty terrible deal. That’s why, for this post, I’m giving you 4 reasons why marriage is da bomb.

1) Someone always has your back

I have a lot of examples of this in our short marriage. John has served as my excuse to get out of lame events, and he has come along with me when there was no way out. We tag team in social conversations. We help each other out with jobs and homework and balancing life in between it all.

Today especially, I was reminded how lucky I am.

For the past few months I’ve been running a summer kids program. Today was our wrap-up party and John agreed to come help by leading some field games. As I was struggling to check in nearly 200 kids (while also coordinating food and drinks) I looked up and saw this.

2015-08-25 15.14.41_censored

Even with their faces censored out this photo makes me laugh!

Seeing a mob of children chase my husband made me smile, not just because it was hilarious, but also because they were having so much fun. John is so great with kids, and today he saved my butt. He made a mediocre party into a party they will all remember. I mean, how often do you get to chase a guy around  a field trying to stomp on a piñata? Continue reading

Things Didn’t Work Out As I’d Liked

Due to some last-minute freelance writing and a doctor’s appointment I had to take my granddad to today’s post will be going up late. Here’s a bit of filler in the meantime, a TV promos piece I did for The Magazine website:

What’s On TV: January 2014

Oh, and here’s what I stayed up working on, two recaps for the ceaselessly entertaining Total Drama All-Stars for the same site:

TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: “Heroes vs. Villains” Recap


No-Post Friday

If you only know how busy I’ve been. Not only did I just finish up writing a freelance article for a two-page spread, it was an entire day late. I’m also over a week behind on my Gender in Comic Books course, and suffice to say, I-

Tomorrow I will be leaving from work midday to head down to the States to attend a graduation at my alma mater. This will make writing stories for my writing group’s weekly prompts nearly impossible.

In a lot of ways, life is behaving like Marine gunnery sergeant and Iraq War veteran Stephen Roberts [I am the football player, attempting to write a blog , uh, play football]:

Really, though, this is just a bunch of excuses punctuated by mildly entertaining gifs. Next week should be better, so stay tuned for a bunch of posts about race and movies, because I am all about that [and had planned to write about that today].

New Update Schedule

For all of you regular readers out there, you may have noticed a number of things.

1) That there was no new post on Monday.

2) That beneath the title of our blog it now reads “Evan Tuesdays. Elisa Fridays. Other Posts When Needed.”

3) That it’s Tuesday and there’s still no new post.

Basically what happened was that Elisa and I decided last week that our update schedule wasn’t working alongside classes and things, so we changed things up. Then this week came around and I completely forgot/though she was up first.

I’ll have something up later tonight. Apologies, everyone.