In This Specific Context You Can Blame the French

So Kat is abroad in la belle province [that’s “the beautiful province” for all you non-Francophones], doing a program that explicitly states that she communicate solely in French. While she is planning to do her Saturday posts first in English before translating them, it has occurred to me that Culture War Correspondence posts probably don’t work all that well. I mean, while I can’t speak for Gordon, I only know so much French [“un petit peu”].

Which left me wondering whether or not to shut down the feature while she stays in Quebec.

Wonderful gif of Shakira’s indecision aside, this post probably tells you all you need to know about the continuation of this feature, for the time being. Gordon and I will be discussing what will take its place, but rest assured that come next Wednesday there’ll be something new hereabouts.

I really wish I had peppered this with more French, but two semesters of college classes will only get you so far. What I can share with you is that in French they don’t say “shut up!”. They say “ta gueule!” which roughly translates to “your gob!” and I think that’s beautiful.

Oh, and stay tuned for my review of Ms. Marvel #6, which goes up as soon as my comic book shop opens and I can grab my copy.

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