On Break

Reader’s, we here at CWR work hard.

Really hard.

And with yours truly working a job, this blog, and a number of side projects, and with Evan just now starting his own career (congratulations to him, by the way), both he and I have arrived at the same conclusion:

Since we’re both adjusting to our new schedules and re-working how we’ll pump out the weekly posts you all so deeply love, we’re going on break for the week.

Like this, only instead of relaxing at the ocean, we’ll still be doing work.

Now I need you all to be strong while we’re gone. Remember we love you (Evan does anyways, and maybe Kat. I don’t especially care for most of ya) and don’t binge on crappy movies while we’re out.

See ya in a week.


2 responses to “On Break

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