Fame Day: Loading Artist

Here at Culture War Reporters, we talk about comics.

A lot.

Today we’ll be doing it again.

Part of this is due to the fact that as the weeks go by, I find myself struggling harder and harder to point to anything worth applauding, cynic that I am.

Another part of this is due to the fact that my alternative topic for this week is the upcoming annual Socialism Conference, hosted by the ISO. While I think their eloquent and accessible presentation of alternatives to the psychotic system we live in is well worth a Fame Day showcasing, I seriously doubt my co-editor would be cool with me essentially hawking my own political views on our blog.

What I imagine his reaction would be. [I actually would not have had a problem with this. -Evan]

Of course, the third and biggest part of all this is the simple fact that Loading Artist is a really, really good webcomic.

And that’s all there really is to it.

There’s no particular social commentary. There’s no revolutionary ideology behind it, no mind-blowing philosophy. It’s just a good comic a lot of people don’t know about. And we’re not talking about a professional artist here, Gregor Czaykowski (the creator) works a day job and does Loading Artist… well, simply because.

You gotta appreciate that.

Here’s a guy who does a comic- a good comic- simply for the joy of doing it (though I’m sure donations wouldn’t go unappreciated). Let’s all simply take a moment to peruse some of his work and throw the guy some much deserved applause.

Loading Artist, keep up the good work.

And there you have it, folks; go read ’em.

Website: www.loadingartist.com
Twitter: @LoadingArtist
Updates (Most) Mondays

One response to “Fame Day: Loading Artist

  1. I really wouldn’t’ve minded a Fame Day post on the ISO Socialism Conference.

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