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2013 In Review

It’s been one long year readers, and I’m not gonna lie, probably the toughest in at least my life so far. In spite of (heck, because of) all the blood, sweat, and strings of profanity, I think we down at Culture War Reporters have really knocked it out of the park.

Let me break it down so that you may properly bask in our glory.

The Shame Day/Fame Day cycle and our midweek discussions were implemented late last year, so we’re only really seeing the full fruits of our labor as 2013 draws to a close. Along with Evan’s reviews of 2 Broke Girls (yes, that still pains me), our relentless salvos of biting-yet-undeniable truth have all helped us pass 100,000 views (and then some).

Our daily viewer average has also grown and is currently hovering at around what our all-time high was last year (that’s roughly 200), and speaking of all-time highs, we have utterly and wholly smashed our previous most-views-record with September 6th’s 3,081 hits. Of course I want us to continue our by-now-normal habit of vanquishing our old records and dragging them behind our chariots, but I’d also like to see us pass 15,000 for total views in a month (our current recording being about 13,000).

I also want to direct your tearful, nay, hysterical applause to Evan, who continues to outdo himself as an editor and Kat, who has really come in swinging.

And of course, audience, what end-of-the-year review would this be if it didn’t include a saccharine bow to you guys for making it all happen? You guys keep coming back, we’ll keep pumping it out. See you in 2014.


I was pretty excited when a childhood friend (Chris, that means you) contacted me this summer to let me know that his cousin was looking for a female writer to contribute to his blog. He thought I might be a good fit and, lucky for me, Evan and Gordon agreed. Joining the guys on CWR has really been a great time. It’s been a good discipline for me to write so regularly, plus it’s fun to get to write about the things that really interest me. Even though I’ve only been at CWR for about 6 months, it’s been exciting to see how our readership has increased even within that time.

Whenever someone asks me what would be the end goal of pursuing a degree in English I usually end up telling them, “pretty much what I’m already doing on the blog right now.” So you should probably go tell all your friends about this blog so that we can all just live the dream and write for a living. Or at least so that we can get their feedback on our posts, because we LOVE hearing back from you.


Up above we have Gordon doing some number crunching and Kat sharing what her experience has been like so far, and I’m going to try as hard as I can not to overlap too much with their year-end blurbs.

2013 has definitely been a year of expansion for CWR. We wrote roughly twice as many posts this year and brought on a new writer. That’s all well and good, but in the immortal words of Tony Stark to Steve Rogers in Issue #1 of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers when discussing their titular group:

We have to get bigger

But not just bigger, like the expansion of their roster to 18 heroes, but also better, like adding Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu, to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. My dream is for Culture War Reporters to one day be a place where you can consistently drop in to read what others think about today’s culture, from comic books (of course) to race issues to television to music, but in such a way that it forces you to think about it as well.

We’ve got a long ways to go, that’s clear, but just know that we’re always aiming to improve ourselves and the site as a whole. This is our third year on the internet, and as far as I’m concerned our fourth can only be better. Huge thanks to all our readers who’ve helped us get where we are today.

And yes, I’m going to finally be getting to writing those posts I promised.


Below we have something about some sort of WordPress.com stats helper monkeys preparing a 2013 annual report for this blog:

Click the image above to gaze upon statistics for a site we hope you frequent regularly.

When Do We Forgive Celebrities?

We all screw up.

It’s a simple and inevitable fact of life. Some of us have a few, major blunders, others are stuck with a seemingly unending trail of little errors, but the point is, everyone makes mistakes.

We’re going to be grappling with that issue, so upfront I want to declare that nobody’s perfect.

Then again, not everyone has a racist meltdown in a crowded comedy club.

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Fame Day: Loading Artist

Here at Culture War Reporters, we talk about comics.

A lot.

Today we’ll be doing it again.

Part of this is due to the fact that as the weeks go by, I find myself struggling harder and harder to point to anything worth applauding, cynic that I am.

Another part of this is due to the fact that my alternative topic for this week is the upcoming annual Socialism Conference, hosted by the ISO. While I think their eloquent and accessible presentation of alternatives to the psychotic system we live in is well worth a Fame Day showcasing, I seriously doubt my co-editor would be cool with me essentially hawking my own political views on our blog.

What I imagine his reaction would be. [I actually would not have had a problem with this. -Evan]

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Shame Day: NBC and Cartoon Network

Imagine that you haven’t had pizza in a while, and have a hankering for a slice. As luck would have it, your friend is bringing some over as he promised a few days ago. As you sit there in eager anticipation you receive a call, and he lets you know that there’s going to be some delay. Disappointed, you ask him how long it’ll be. He tells you that you should be getting your pizza sometime in 2013.

Angry? You should be.

If you are one of the many, near-rabid Community fans out there, you were probably disappointed when you found out that the fourth season would only be 13 episodes. That being said, you were probably even more distraught to find out that it won’t be actually be airing this Friday.

That’s right, NBC has decided to remove Community completely from its 2012 Fall lineup. It’s unknown when the show will return, but the best guess is sometime during the Spring of 2013. I have attached a gif because Gordon is rubbing off on me, and because Troy crying is always funny. Look at him, the dude is sad. To be fair, so are a lot of people. I’m a little disappointed myself.

But not near as disappointed to see that Cartoon Network has pushed all of its DC Nation programming back until January 2013. It’s understandable that room had to be made to celebrate the network’s 20th anniversary, which is definitely something special. The main issue I have is that this decision was made after two weeks of programming had already been aired.

This means that after two episodes of Young Justice and two episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series it’s three months before we can get any more. If we can go back to my pizza analogy, that’s like someone letting you take a few bites and then telling you that you can have the rest. In three months.

Quality programming can be hard to come by [see: any episode of 2 Broke Girls], and news that your favourite shows won’t be around until after the predicted apocalypse is sombre news indeed. While Cartoon Network’s reasoning makes some sense, to air a few episodes and then push the rest back is insensitive at best. As for NBC, they seem committed to letting Community fans know that they are really not all that important.

And now I want some pizza.