5 responses to “Culture and Appropriations

  1. Gordon, I love the way you talk about yourself. Do it forever (please).

    On the theme of East Asian untamable-but-tamable male characters in trashy romance novels, if Evan really wants to see that, he should check out the josei genre of manga (though that wouldn’t really be appropriation). Thinking back on my grandmother’s collection, I can’t think of any featuring East Asian men off the top of my head (her library primarily featured spaniards and cowboys, which i think are what fill the bargain bins at Goodwill), but I suspect that this is merely because authors haven’t thought of it yet. This is an untapped market! YOU COULD FILL THE VOID FOR RACIALLY-SENSITIVE TRASHY ROMANCE NOVELS CENTERED AROUND EASTERN ASIAN MEN.

    I think I’ve found your calling in life.
    (You can thank me later.)

  2. I will never cease to be amused and amazed by the Cleveland Indians situation. Something that would have raised eyebrows during the blackface era is accepted without so much as a shrug by thousands of fans. It shows you that apathy goes a long way.

    Sharply written piece.

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