Fame Day: 5 Second Films

While this week we’re trying to take a break from politics here at Culture War Reporters (last week was dominated by the subject), I really wouldn’t be doing my due dilligence if I didn’t give a shout out the protestors currently flooding the streets of Rio De Janeiro, down in Brazil. The Brazilian government has proposed tripling the cost of public transportation, and while that might sound to many like a pretty paltry thing, to the poor and urban working class of Brazil who rely on public transit, that kind of increase is going to be devastating. Brazilian protestors- keep up the good work.

Now on to the focus of today’s Fame Day- internet sketch group 5 Second Films.


And yeah, the name pretty much says it all. Each weekday, these guys put out a five second sketch film (eight seconds, if you’re really OCD and count the intro sequence). Let me throw out a few of my personal favorites:

I could go on and on, but I’ll try to exercise some restraint here when it comes to sharing their stuff. But really that’s exactly what makes 5 Second Films so good. There’s really no “bad” sketch, or even on that you could call sub-par. The only comedy series that I’ve ever seen that’s as consistently funny and reliable as 5SF is Scrubs. Yeah, it’s weird that I just compared a YouTube sketch series to one of the best comedy series of all time, but let me break that down.

5SF is really just that good. These guys can deliver more in a few seconds (often with just a single camera) than most major series- heck, films– can with infinitely more time and money. George Lucas had an hour and a half, a budget of over 100 million, and the support of Hollywood and a built-in fan base and he produced one lousy movie.

He then did it twice more.

I think that right there stands in testament to how the pen is mightier than the green screen. At the end of the day, good writing trumps everything else. It’s a bit melodramatic, I know, but seriously think about it. The sum total of 5SF‘s film collection amounts to at least a short movie, and is of such a higher caliber than the average comedy movie that there’s really no comparison.

And it’s not just that these guys are consistently funny- they’re consistent period. 5SF has put out a film every weekday since 2008, and that’s excluding their side projects and skits. Like this one:

And even for being a YouTube sketch series, they’ve managed to pull in people like Patton Oswalt, Weird Al, and for some reason, Peter Stormare.

Now, Evan would probably chew me out if I didn’t include the link and intro to the Kickstarter these guys have going. Expanding off of a Halloween sketch, 5 Second Films is trying to pull together funds to turn Dude Bro Party Massacre III into a full length movie. Now I’ve seen some of their longer skits, and while I’ve every confidence that these guys can make a good movie, I’m just not sure it’s one I’d be interested in contributing to myself. But that’s up for you to decide.

One way or another, these guys really do deserve some recognition for not just being good in their own field of competition, but outshining the majority of television and movie swill labeled “comedy” by some corporate stooge with no soul. 5 Second Films– you guys are awesome.

YouTube Channel: 5 Second Films – YouTube
Website: 5secondfilms.com
Twitter: @5sf
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