Shame Day: Michelle Malkin

We deal with a lot of complicated issues here at Culture War Reporters, with subjects ranging from war to feminism to internet shows about gigantic hamburgers. Every once in a while, it’s nice to return to cover a simple and straightforward subject.

The sky is blue.

Birds go chirp.

Michelle Malkin is an evil, evil person.

I mean seriously. We’re talking about a woman who has written a book defending- I kid you not- the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII.

For anyone not familiar with this ugly blot on American history, during the Second World War it was feared by many that Japanese-Americans would actually rise up and assist Japan, if they weren’t already involved in sabotage and espionage. President Roosevelt enacted Executive Order 9066, in which individuals of Japanese ancestry were forced from their homes and carted off in the tens of thousands to what were essentially concentration camps. We’re talking about living in crowded, unsanitary conditions- surrounded constantly by armed guards and barbed wire. Plenty of the prisoners would die without ever seeing their homes again and those who were eventually freed came back to find their houses ransacked and destroyed.

And who thought it was all justified?

Michelle Malkin, who argued that trying to frame the imprisonment of thousands of innocent men, women, and children on the basis of their race “continues to hamper our ability to prevent future terrorist attacks.” For real, the title of her book is “In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror“.

  To clarify again, that’s “Our guilt over past racism tragically prevents future racism and that’s a bad thing…”

Now the book was decried as absolute filth by civil rights groups and academics alike, but evil is nothing if not persistent.

Malkin has been involved in a number of other issues, mostly centered around questions of immigration. And by “questions”, I mean repeated calls to repeal the 14th amendment providing citizenship to children born on US soil. Malkin asserts the 14th amendment “…has evolved into a magnet for alien lawbreakers and a shield for terrorist infiltrators and enemy combatants.” Warning against the danger posed by individuals “American in name only“, Malkin has again and again warned of the danger of “anchor babies”, children of anti-American terrorists brought to the US to be born, gain US citizenship, and a quarter century from now infiltrate and attack the US.

I want to mock this, but where do you even start? You’d think this kind of convoluted nonsense could only arise from a paranoid schizophrenic re-enacting Red Dawn over and over in a cabin somewhere in Utah, but yet it’s here in print for all to see.

And if the final nail in this woman’s spiritual coffin hasn’t already been hammered in, let me fix that now with a story on donuts.

Back in ’08, TV host Rachel Ray was doing an advertisement for Dunkin Donuts, wearing a scarf slightly resembling a traditional Arab keffiyah.

There aren’t any YouTube videos that feature just the ad without commentary.

Not an actual keffiyah, mind you- a scarf slightly resembling one. Well you know who’s not going to stand for any of that?

You guessed it- Michelle Malkin.

She and her vile myrmidons called for a boycott of Dunkin Donuts for having an advertisement in which a person wore “the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad.”

Again, there is so much raw ignorance, bigotry, and idiocy condensed into such a small space I’m at a loss of where to start. In a single commercial there’s a lady wearing a scarf bearing a vague resemblance to a piece of clothing sometimes worn in the Middle East. Yet this woman sees that and all she can think is…

…I don’t even know. What kind of diseased mind would see a ****ing scarf and start up a racially-charged crusade against a donut company?

Tell ya what- let’s consider things from Michelle Malkin’s perspective here. Give her a fair chance and see the world from her position.

Now we’ve got a woman here of Filipino descent. Could be a terrorist-anchor-baby, and as Malkin’s given the go-ahead to racially profile Asians, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind us taking a closer look. Turns out Malkin is also a Roman Catholic. You know who else is Roman Catholic? The IRA.

Could Malkin’s Roman Catholic parents have immigrated to the US on the behest of their Irish taskmasters so that their daughter could gain US citizenship and attack America from within? It’s possible- but we’d need some sort of proof here. Some sort of undenia-

holy ****. Is she wearing pants in that picture?

You know what other group wears pants?

That’s right- Nazis.

I think it’s safe to say that Michelle Malkin is actually Joseph Goebbels, and should therefore be placed in a camp somewhere in the desert in the interest of national security. And I know it’s gotta suck being forced out of your home on the basis of insane and hateful prejudice, but if it makes you feel any better, here’s something to take with her on her way.

Behold, the frightening immigrants…

9 responses to “Shame Day: Michelle Malkin

  1. The thought of even beginning to defend that section of American shame is nauseating. I remember being physically ill when I read about it. The rest is rank stupidity. Shame on her indeed.

  2. Hey – in time of war lots of what seems cruel is needed to defend our country.

    • And yet we didn’t see internment camps for Italian-Americans or German-Americans or Austrian-Americans. The camps weren’t set up because of any actual threat- they were set up out of racist panic. Nevertheless, Japanese-Americans fought on behalf of their nation in both the Pacific and European theaters, as well as playing vital roles in military intelligence.

      Don’t bring that weak **** into my house, is I guess what I’m getting at here.

      • Actually, we did. German and Italian-Americans were also interned, often in the same camps as the Japanese-Americans.

        • While this is true, it was certainly on a much smaller scale (not that it makes it right), and with less virulence than experienced by Japanese-Americans (not that it’s a contest). Eisenhower, notably, didn’t get booted from the military for his significant German heritage. Same goes for WWII Admiral Nimitz and General Spatz, as well as people like Marlene Dietrich, Frank Sinatra, and tons of others.

  3. Well, as if genuine stupidity isn’t being redefined each and every day by dumb people whom say and do stupid things——-Michelle Malkin unequivocally takes the cake for self-perpetuating utter foolishness topped with rich vanilla fascists——-oops…did I say that…I meant ‘topped with’ frosting.

  4. Needing memes to try and make your point just makes you an intellectual idiot.

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