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I’m givin’ it all I’ve got cap’n!

Well, I said I would try to survive this semester without taking breaks on my weekly post, but I just don’t think I can keep up. I’m hopefull that after this most evil of weeks (when most of my final papers are due) that I can get back to my regular Saturday posts.

I’m so sorry.

New Years Resolutions i.e. Kat is Back

Well, it’s the new year, so it’s time for resolutions right? Except I have this problem of making new resolutions for myself every time I think I have a good excuse to do so, not just in the new year. You should see the list of stuff I planned to get done over my Christmas break, for example. The only problem is, I’m like most human beings and tend to have a hard time actually completing any of my lists.

Now that school has started I’m already starting to feel like this little guy and my pre-Christmas to-do list is starting to fall by the wayside.

“Why does sitting here make me so tired?”

So, I’m feeling kinda tempted to just do what this girl did on her blog for New Years and talk about the things I am going to stop trying to change about myself instead of making resolutions (I most specifically identify with the part about becoming an early riser). While I really like the reminder to ease up on the self-guilt we all tend to use just to get motivated, I still have one resolution I’d like to share with you guys: I’m going to try to pick up my Wednesday posts again [See addendum below -Ed.].

Okay, so I realize that may not seem like a big resolution, but keep in mind that as an English major I already do my fair share of writing for school. Plus, I really try to put some thought into my posts, so they end up taking a pretty big chunk of time. But, I’m going to do my best to make it through the semester while still blogging twice a week (with maybe a little break over exams).

Heaven help me…

EDITOR’S NOTE: That’s me, Evan; I’m the editor. Kat’s posts will be going up on Saturday, to extend our schedule to six days and so that we don’t have them competing with the CWCs that go up on Wednesday.

So, I’ve got this Wedding…

As you are all probably sick of hearing by now, I’m getting married. Except now it’s for real, this Saturday in fact. Things are really crazy this week because my parent’s house is full of family and there’s lots still left to do.


Like find an axe to cut the cake. 

So the boys have graciously allowed me to skip out on my post this week. Don’t have too much fun without me, and I’ll see you next week.

EVAN: Kat’s actually free to skip next week as well; whether or not she takes me up on that offer is another thing entirely. After that point I can only assume that her and John’s marital bliss will have surely faded, and we can continue on with our regularly scheduled programming.

Evan and Gordon Interview: Kat, Our Newest CWR!

EVAN: Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me the greatest sort of joy to announce that we will be announcing a third Culture War Reporter to our blog. Ever since Elisa’s departure I have long wished to have a female perspective, and after a little bit of searching I was connected to Kat via one of my many, many cousins-

This edition of E&GT will consist of both Gordon and me asking Kat ten questions apiece, to present to all of you nice people a greater picture of who she is. At the end she’ll have the opportunity to ask each of us five questions, just to be fair.

You can of course find out more about her by reading her bio. Now, without further ado, I’m going to let Gordon start us off-

GORDON: You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down and you see a tortoise, Kat. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on it’s back, Kat. The tortoise lays on its back, it’s belly baking in the hot sun, beating it’s legs, trying to turn itself over but it can’t. Not without your help.  But you’re not helping. Why is that, Kat?

KAT: Because I’m hungry and I plan to eat it?

GORDON: Well, we’ve determined she’s not a replicant. That’s progress, at least.

EVAN: Gordon, you are a huge nerd. Continue reading