The President. Not My President.

Let me make it clear right now that this is not going to be some post to analyze who deserves the blame for the events of the 8th. As far as I’m concerned, there’s more than enough to go around.

Enough for Republicans, who sold their morals for political expediency. Enough for Democrats, whose back door dealings resulted in them trying to shove a detestable candidate down our throats and whose arrogance made them think that we would just take it. Enough for the public at large, who swallowed fear and prejudice in an attempt to resurrect a past that never existed.

This isn’t about that.

This is about personal vindication.

For whatever may or may not come, I want to go on the record now in stating that I am not OK with this.


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Make no mistake-

Trump Is Still A Monster

He was a monster before the election and he’s a monster now. Nothing has changed.

I say this, of course, because the savagely defeated Democrats are struggling for their footing. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has stated “If he’s serious, we’ll work with him,” a sentiment echoed by liberal darling Elizabeth Warren. Former candidate Hilary Clinton has declared that Trump “must have a chance to lead.

No, we ****ing don’t.

This is my problem with so many liberals- they approach things with a utilitarian perspective instead of a rights-based one. When one’s political, economic, and moral philosophy becomes about “the greatest good for the greatest many“, there’s no such thing as unacceptability, only life giving ya lemons. All of Trump’s repulsive rhetoric, his absurd proposals, his repellent philosophy- all of the things which were once utterly unacceptable have mysteriously become “tolerable.” “Negotiable.” “The price you gotta pay.”

I aint buyin’ it.

I Respect The Values, Not The Rank

I’ve repeatedly seen the following image pop up on the internet over the past few days.


A still from HBO classic Band of Brothers, in which two servicemen remark on their terrible (yet nonetheless superior) officer. Folks have been posting the image in response to the trending hashtag “#notmypresident”, a rebuke to those who would denigrate the now-future-commander-in-chief.

These, for the record, are the folks who in 1776 would’ve been declaring “you bow to the crown, not to the king.” The folks who would’ve seen it as somehow their duty to be entombed with their pharaohs to serve them in the next life. The die-hard legalists who would’ve defended Caligula’s right to make his horse a consul.


We salute the horse, not the guy who bangs it.

Hell, this wouldn’t even be tolerated in the army, where specific channels exist to prevent obedience to unlawful and immoral order.

Like the ones Trump has boasted he’d give.

“I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the language that candidate Trump expressed during the campaign….Let me give you a punchline: If he were to order that [the killing of family members of terrorists] once in government, the American armed forces would refuse to act.  You are not required to follow an unlawful order.  That would be in violation of all the international laws of armed conflict.”

– Comments by retired Air Force General Michael Hayden, on February 26 during an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher

Let me break it down for anyone who thinks that being patriotic means being mindlessly obedient. What we respect is not the presidency (much less the clown in the White House) but the fundamental values enshrined in the Bill of Rights- rights which the president has repeated disparaged (specifically the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 14th amendments). Sitting behind the Resolute desk grants you command over the executive branch, not over my respect.

“But What About Democracy?”

If 99% of the country voted to jump of a bridge, would you do it?

No, there are fundamental rights that extend beyond the rule of public opinion – your right not to have to leap like a ****ing lemming included. The only thing that Trump’s election means is that he will be ceded control of the executive branch of the government. Nothing more. I’m not sure where this weird (and frankly, Fascist) idea is coming from- that you have to fork over your free will to the appointed head-o’-state. Your job isn’t to support the president, the president’s job is to support you. That makes dissent not your privilege, not your right, but your obligation. Being silent about your most cherished values (however righteous or repulsive they might be) is never a support to democracy, and don’t let anyone fool you otherwise.

“But Obama-“

Oh shut the **** up about Obama.

I don’t want to hear conservatives tell me that they didn’t wail and moan the presidency, and I don’t want to hear liberals tell me they didn’t then drag out the same tired talking points being used by Republicans today.

Once more, this isn’t about Democrats losing, or about Republicans winning, this is about Trump winning- Donald baby-hands Trump specifically.

Yes, had any other Republican won, there would have been wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. But this “We didn’t protest your guy, so you can’t protest ours” (regardless of who’s saying it) is just plain stupid. You should be able to protest whoever or whatever you want. It might be ****ing stupid, but there’s never a time when you don’t have the right to protest.

For Real Though, **** This Guy

This is the part in the post where I want to throw out a quick **** you to all the celebrities backtracking on their promises to flee the country and didn’t. I honestly don’t give a damn one way or another if you leave or not, but for heaven’s sake, don’t act a martyr and then weasel out of it.

I guess that’s what irritates me most (besides the impending Fascism, I mean).

During the campaign, Trump was cast as the worst breed of goose-stepping, misogynistic, power-troll. Now he’s set to become president and it seems everyone’s making peace with the idea. Republicans who claimed that the man made a mockery of their party. Democrats who stated he was the devil himself. Moderates who thought that these were the wages of extremism. Christians who once said that it was their duty to defend the orphan and the widow.

And I don’t think it’s because Trump’s suddenly become “acceptable.” I don’t think it’s because presidency is a shield against criticism, outrage, or protest. I don’t think it’s because we have some kind of magical debt of loyalty that supersedes our independence, rights, and morality.

I think it’s because you’re scared of Trump.

I think that it’s one thing to march against a candidate who wants it, it’s another thing to march against a president who has it. It’s not about getting the vote out anymore, it’s about four years of ceaseless resistance to a candidate endorsed by the KKK. Maybe the reason we keep being up “democracy” is because we’re actually terrified of the prospect of having to face off with over half the voting public.

Look, I’m scared too.

I’m rabid Socialist who spent most of his life in Syria. I’ve got a satirical post up where I liken the man to ISIS. If there’s someone who should probably be worried, it’s me. But as frightening as it may be to resist Trump, I believe the effects of failing to do so will be infinitely more horrifying.

But that’s why I don’t really buy Sander’s claim of “let’s hold him accountable.” Sanders states “But we will not accept racism, we will not accept sexism or xenophobia,” but isn’t that what his very presidency represents?

I don’t think Trump should be “held accountable” (as if the Democrats could even do so) when he gets it wrong. Trump is wrong, and he and his administration need to be met with an unending firestorm of resistance and condemnation each and every day it that mars the nation. I don’t want there to be a single day that goes by in which anyone, now or in the future, could accuse me of making peace with il Duce.

I know that Evan usually reminds our readers that the opinions I voice I purely my own, but I think I can speak for everyone at CWR, past, present, and future, when I offer the following sentiment.

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