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What Happened to Comic Book Resources?

“Change is good.” That’s a slogan I very vividly remember from a McDonald’s commercial around the turn of the century. A classroom full of kindergartners is shocked to find out that the Golden Arches are now serving white meat chicken nuggets, and are silent as one of their members takes the first tentative bite. Once she speaks those three words they break out into cheers, ecstatic that their beloved nuggets are just as delicious as before. Change is good. Or, more accurately, it can be.

This past Tuesday I was going through my handful of comic book news sites only to find that Comic Book Resources [also known as CBR], the fourth and last on the list, was borderline unrecognizable. Instead of seeing-


-like I was used to, I was greeted with-


While I was taken aback by the seemingly sudden redesign, the truth is that if I’d been more observant I would have seen this coming from a long way off. Continue reading

Unfurling Our New Feature: Twice-a-Month Guest Posts!

Here at Culture War Reporters we have three primary bloggers: Evan, Gordon and yours truly (Kat). While we each try to cover a range of different subjects, there are only so many topics we have the knowledge or interest to write about.

In order to give our wonderful readers a wider range of opinions, we have, in the past, tried to bring on more writers. For a while, our friend (and regular commenter) Stew wrote some fascinating, and more scientifically-focused, posts for the blog. Unfortunately, he realized that he needed to stop writing for us so that he could prioritize his studies. While we had others who considered signing on as regular bloggers, they were unable to fully commit to posting once a week every week for, well, who knows how long [Forever. -Evan].

Since it has proven to be exceptionally difficult to find writers who can sign on for such a heavy commitment, we have decided to unfurl a new feature that would allow anyone (yourself included) to write for the blog as a one-time deal.

Yes you, and you.

If you would be interested in contributing an article for Culture War Reporters I encourage you to check out our CWRStyleGuide.docx. Feel free to email us beforehand if you want to check if your topic is one that would be a good fit for the site.

And keep your eyes peeled for our first guest post, which we will be sharing this Thursday! Guest posts to be put out every first and third Thursday of the month.