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#NotMyFacebook, or: Is Facebook For Political Discourse?

If you Google the question “What is Facebook for?” you come up with a short article by Mike Bantick for iTWire that bears the same name. Although it was published back in 2013 the basis for it is particularly topical, with the first paragraph relating the reason for it was written.

“Recently my brother told me he defriended a close friend of the family because of his overtly political posts on the social media website Facebook.  ‘That’s not what Facebook is for,’ he said, that got me thinking.”

Bantick then proceeds to list off a number of different answers gathered from friends and family, ultimately settling on a handful that he considers “the most truthful”:

“‘Referrals for products and services from people you trust, or know the value you place on the referrer’s knowledge of the requirements. Eg, games references, plumbers, mechanics, travel…. So useful and more personal than googling. You also then have wonderful reasons to catch up with people you may not otherwise.’

‘Stalking people and pictures of cats’

‘Annoying people with puns’

And, the one that resonated with me the most ‘Sharing sh&% for giggles…'”

The list has him implicitly agreeing with his brother. Facebook is for recommendations and, as the latter three state in various ways, for personal enjoyment. Not included among the social networking service’s uses? The dissemination of strongly held political beliefs or stances. Could’ve fooled me.
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Schedules, They are A Changin’

Last week we broke some exciting news to you, Yay! Evan has a job!


While this new change is wonderful in a lot of ways (especially in the money making department), it also means that Evan isn’t able to dedicate as much time as usual to the blog.

As Gordon has already mentioned, keeping on top of our regular posts is a lot of work. Just think of writing a couple thousand word essays each week and you get the idea. We love it, obviously, that’s why we do it, but it still takes a pretty big chunk of time out of our lives each and every week. Up until now we’ve been able to keep up with our regular schedule because Evan would often pick up the slack for Gordon and me. He also tends to be the one on top of the organizational aspects of the blog. But it’s time for something to change.

I feel like David Bowie would be really proud of us.

We’ve decided that for the time being, we are going to cut back on our posting schedule. We would rather bring you one high quality post from each of us each week, than try to keep up with our regular schedule and wind up producing something we aren’t really proud of. I’ve outlined our new weekly schedule for you below.