No-Post Friday

If you only know how busy I’ve been. Not only did I just finish up writing a freelance article for a two-page spread, it was an entire day late. I’m also over a week behind on my Gender in Comic Books course, and suffice to say, I-

Tomorrow I will be leaving from work midday to head down to the States to attend a graduation at my alma mater. This will make writing stories for my writing group’s weekly prompts nearly impossible.

In a lot of ways, life is behaving like Marine gunnery sergeant and Iraq War veteran Stephen Roberts [I am the football player, attempting to write a blog , uh, play football]:

Really, though, this is just a bunch of excuses punctuated by mildly entertaining gifs. Next week should be better, so stay tuned for a bunch of posts about race and movies, because I am all about that [and had planned to write about that today].

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