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School Starting Means Less of Kat

So in case you hadn’t noticed I just finished taking a few weeks off to enjoy marital bliss. On August 31st John and I had a fantastic wedding which we owe pretty well entirely to our beloved friends and family who donated food, talents and time to make it all happen.

We then moved to Victoria, got set up in our little basement suite, and started school. It’s been a lot. A whole lot of wonderful, but a lot nonetheless. And looking at the amount of writing I already have for school has made me realize things might not be slowing down any time soon. So I’ve talked to the boys about cutting back with the blog this fall (hopefully to pick it up more regularly again over breaks and the summer). Starting next week I will only be posting once a week. That means I will be taking a hiatus from my Wednesday posts and only be posting a Fame or Shame Day article, depending on my rotation with the boys. I will also join them for Evan and Gordon talks on the week I have off from alternatively Faming and Shaming.

Don’t miss me too much. I promise I will be back posting on Wednesdays once I get out from under the weight of all this homework.


No-Post Friday

If you only know how busy I’ve been. Not only did I just finish up writing a freelance article for a two-page spread, it was an entire day late. I’m also over a week behind on my Gender in Comic Books course, and suffice to say, I-

Tomorrow I will be leaving from work midday to head down to the States to attend a graduation at my alma mater. This will make writing stories for my writing group’s weekly prompts nearly impossible.

In a lot of ways, life is behaving like Marine gunnery sergeant and Iraq War veteran Stephen Roberts [I am the football player, attempting to write a blog , uh, play football]:

Really, though, this is just a bunch of excuses punctuated by mildly entertaining gifs. Next week should be better, so stay tuned for a bunch of posts about race and movies, because I am all about that [and had planned to write about that today].