What Happened To MusclesGlasses?

musclesglassesmilkA lot, and I’m telling you, a lot of people want to know what happened to MusclesGlasses of Epic Meal Time fame. For a while it was all you’d see in the comments sections of their YouTube videos, and a good number have found this blog by googling the character’s real name, “Alex Perrault”.

According to an article on New Media Rockstars Muscles stopped appearing as early as January 2013, which meant that for an entire year EMT has been without one of its strongest presences [besides that of Harley “The Sauce Boss” Morenstein himself, creator of the show]. For 365 days and change the show has been missing its most voracious eater,

bordering-on-problematic drinker,

and rap battle champion-

It’s no wonder that fans of the YouTube videos have been clamouring for his return for so many months, and that article I linked to above answers their questions. Apparently both Perrault and Tyler Lemco [one of my personal favourites] chose to leave the show due to, according the well-cut carnivore himself:

“Essentially, I felt like I wasn’t being treated fairly considering the value I brought to the show. Other than Harley, no other member of the crew had any ownership of the company.”

That was posted online August 2013, which must’ve confused the readers who, roughly two weeks earlier, caught the following video on a brand new MusclesGlasses YouTube channel:

What is MusclesGlasses without, well . . . MusclesGlasses? Morenstein answered that question two days ago with the appropriately titled “A PSA – Where is MusclesGlasses & The Dawn of The Legend of MusclesGlasses”.

You know and I know that you don’t want to watch the whole video, I mean, it’s eleven minutes long. Essentially he explains that Perrault and EMT parted on amicable terms [debatable considering what the actor himself said], and spends the majority of the time concentrating on what his new show, The Legend of Muscles Glasses, is going to be. [You can also read what’s more or less a direct transcript here]

He explains that the original Epic Meal Time character was “loosely based off the Terminator” a kind of part-hero part-villain all-badass. While Perrault’s impressive physique certainly had to do with what MusclesGlasses looked like it’s revealed that the character’s twitter page wasn’t even run by him, but by Morenstein and Lemco. I’ve been using the word “character” a lot, because what the video is very clearly stating is that MusclesGlasses and Alex Perrault are not necessarily one and the same.


Edited artwork originally by CHUBETO on DeviantART.

The concept of the show is basically “MusclesGlasses f-cking sh-t up any which way.” Their workaround for Perrault no longer being around is that MG is like Batman, in that Kilmer, Clooney, Bale, et al. have all portrayed the Caped Crusader. He also takes after another DC hero in that, as seen in the trailer above, the aviators fall to Earth like a ring of a particular hue.

There are going to be a lot of MusclesGlasses in the future. And in the past. The mantle will be passed along to whoever is worthy, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. That’s not to say I wasn’t disappointed by Perrault’s absence, because I still miss him [and Tyler, wow I miss Tyler] quite a bit. That being said, this is an exciting new chapter, and one that I put a lot of confidence in considering the first installment of what’s going to be an ongoing series, set in Brooklyn, 1975 [and yes, bacon and extensive middle finger flipping play a role].

Featuring KaliMuscle as the titular character it firmly cements in the viewers minds that no, this isn’t the MG they recognize, but he is definitely the MG that they’re familiar with. If it’s not a herald to greater things to come I’m quite not sure what is-


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