2 Broke Girls, S4E18 “And the Taste Test”: A TV Review


Just to start, I’d like to offer a brief apology for my review of last week’s episode. For the most part I try to keep a pretty even keel and take each episode as it comes, especially since I try to judge 2 Broke Girls on its own merits. That means acknowledging that it is very far from high art or what I consider to be good TV, lauding it for when it is funny and appropriately criticizing it for when it’s racist or needlessly crude or very poorly written.

I still don’t think it was a good episode by any means, but I could’ve handled it better. Here’s to me getting through to the end of this season, guys and girls and everyone else.

Allow me to go straight to the jugular on this one and cover what happens with everyone’s favourite Indian-Irish [but not really] boytoy played by Austin Falk, Nashit. We find out in the cold open that he and Max are still getting down in the diner. After that he reappears in the wedding dress shop with the two girls, who use him to distract “Crazy Carl”, yet another flamboyantly gay one-off character, while they attend to their scheme.

Now he doesn’t appear again after that, which I find highly suspicious since the wedding dress owner tells Max and Caroline that “[they’ll] be back. In about a month! Hahaha. Tahiti, anyone? Hahaha, oh Crazy Carl, the ladies love it.” Did he end up actually abducting Nashit? Will we really not see much more of him moving forward? I mean, considering that next week’s episode is called “And the Look of the Irish” it’s pretty unlikely.

Honestly, I’m a little glad he left early if only because his accent is . . . I mean, it is definitely an accent. It is 100% a thing. Nothing against Austin Falk, though. I checked out his twitter page and it is mostly him really being in love with his wife. It’s just too adorable.

As far as the actual plot of the episode, it’s extremely straightforward. Sophie’s sister and bridesmaid Blanka is deemed unworthy of being in the wedding party, and so Caroline must take her place. The dilemma materializes when the bride-to-be announces that they will be going to a store [Rosenfeld’s in Brooklyn], and since Sophie has bad taste it will obviously be a nightmare. Oh, mainly because the wedding will be appearing in the Times and they [Caroline] can’t appear in that publication looking like . . . I dunno, a walking quinceañera decoration.

So they try to hide the dress, it doesn’t work, there are two Black girls who want it and who Sophie dismissively [racistly?] refers to as “Destiny’s Child”. Caroline has an outburst and calls the item of clothing “dressageddon”, Sophie overhears, says they don’t have to wear it. Then they hear the bizarrely popular Polish woman crying in the dressing room and it’s . . . super weird. Weird because this isn’t a character who is really offered a lot of vulnerability; this is the most emotional development she’s gotten since her and Oleg decided to be real with one another eight episodes ago.

It also results in Caroline being forced to admit that Sophie had good taste. I can’t remember the last time I praised Beth Behrs, so allow me to do that again by saying that her delivery of that line was perfect, and her physical comedy really put it over the top. Some kind soul on tumblr even captured that moment for all of you to see for yourselves-

And that’s the episode! Sophie will be designing the bridesmaid dresses herself! It’s the Warsaw Times and not the New York Times! A lot more of Nashit and his accent will definitely be back next week! This episode also wasn’t very good but it also wasn’t very bad!

Current Total: $286.

New Total: $711. No explanation given as to where the $425 came from. Possibly from the combined wages they’re making by working at the Williamsburg Diner, Max’s Homemade Cupcakes, and The High.

The Title Refers To: Sophie’s taste, or complete lack thereof.

Stray Observations:

  • I’m legitimately surprised at the jokes the writers’ room manages to get back the network people, in particular Max quipping that Nashit “slipped out the back” and that she “popped him back in”.
  • Caroline’s new role: bridesmaid. Caroline’s old role: run of the mill wedding guest.
  • Han: “My morning fibre cookie has better taste than Sophie!”
  • John/Big Mary is still around, mostly to make comments that directly refer to his sexuality.
  • I like typing Joedth’s name a great deal, but man her character is incredibly one-note.
  • I’m not doing a good job of reining back on the criticism.
  • “You’re a poor person from Ireland. I’ll ask you your opinion when I need to know where to get free leg braces-“
  • Crazy Carl really got me, mostly because I enjoy it when people crack themselves up.
  • “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a prostitute change her tampon on the sidewalk.”
  • One of the Black girls comments on how they can’t pull off the “poppin’ lemon yellow” dresses because they’re White. This is partly true. The dresses are also hideous.
  • Caroline very diplomatically tells Sophie, initially, that she “[thinks she has her] own unique style.”
  • Joke That Made Me Physically Frown: Was not a fan of that “Destiny’s Child” bit.
  • 2 Broke Girls Cheesecake/Beefecake Menu: Here’s another picture from Austin Falk’s twitter page to tide you all over:

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