2 Broke Girls, S4E10 “And the Move-In Meltdown”: A TV Review


Speaking of “meltdowns” I totally had the best melt for dinner [not a grilled cheese, as some may incorrectly call them]. It had cheese, obviously, as well as homemade guacamole and spinach. The second also had kimchi [I should mention I actually ate two of them]. Now that my prose-version of Instagram is over, I suppose we should move along to the episode itself-

Now last week’s review was pretty short and sweet, but I mentioned, as I have many times before, that this is a show that focuses a little too closely on its titular characters. Max and Caroline are the headlining act for sure, but every other member of the cast appears to be relegated to bit players at best. This episode appears to be the writers’ room forcing me to eat my words.

The person doing the moving in happens to be Oleg, and the place he happens to be moving into happens to be Sophie’s apartment. This is apparently something he’s been looking forward to for the past three years, so of course it’s anything but easy. The problem starts when every one of his belongings that is brought up [by Han, for some reason] is immediately sent back down by his significant other.While he seems to take this in stride, things don’t blow up until the dinner party Sophie hosts in order to get rid of some soon-to-expire beef.

Their argument involves a painting of this [in]famous photograph.

The fascinating thing about the party is that it’s Max and Caroline are sidelined. While Oleg and Sophie hash out their personal problems the two girls are relegated to a snarky comment or two from Denning’s character [and blank stares from Behrs’]. On top of the fascination is genuine surprise, because their spat happens to be relatively engaging [and funny, like when Oleg reveals Sophie has assigned him a single drawer (on a desk)]. The great thing is that the genuine surprise doesn’t even end there.

Things wrap up in the back of a moving truck amidst Oleg’s filthy belongings. Caroline helps the Eastern Europeans through their issues and then . . . there’s what appears to be genuine emotional expression [that isn’t from either star]. The fry cook tells Sophie that “[he doesn’t] care about [his] stuff so long as [he has her].” Their relationship appears to be headed in a very real, very serious direction. We end feeling the same way Max and Caroline do, flabbergasted at what just happened.

Now if any characters were going to receive the spotlight next it would have to be Oleg and Sophie, given their relationship with one another in addition to interacting with the two girls. Han is still [insert flaw here, in this case weakness] and for some reason we are obsessed with Earl’s age this week. That being said, it’s most definitely a step in the right direction. I can’t see them carrying episodes like this week to week, but it’s a delightfully refreshing change of pace to be sure.

Oh, and a lot of great lines tonight as well. I feel like the writing may have improved a lot in recent weeks [either that or I’m getting soft in my old age].

Current Total: $13,545.

New Total: $13,395. There was a very minor plot point about purchasing heat lamps for their new outdoor seating area [see banner image]. They were what cost $150, but honestly I feel like the only reason they were mentioned was so that the total would change between episodes.

The Title Refers To: Oleg moving into Sophie’s apartment, weren’t you paying any attention?

Stray Observations:

  • I feel like tumblr may have begun to fall out or love with 2 Broke Girls, if their output of animated gifs of the show is any indicator.
  • “Well our new outdoor seating area is about as popular as Paula Deen at an NBA game.”
  • Sherry’s List is just like Craigslist, but “without the high probability of being murdered by a deranged medical student.”
  • “From now on the booty call is coming from inside the house” sounds like the worst kind of horror story.
  • “I know Jesus has a girl for me. He has to, I’m $400 deep into that damn website.”
  • Haha! Someone fell in real life!”
  • “Really, Han, it’s like your arms are only there for decoration.”
  • “Can’t it ever just be about me!?”
  • “Is it me or is this party as tense as hell? I don’t think Sophie and Oleg are gonna make it.”
  • “Why are his nipples so big?” / “They don’t seem that big to me.”
  • What? Is it throwing off this gorgeous indoor outdoor swing?”
  • I don’t think Goodwill will take a loveseat that is actually covered in love…”
  • Maybe It’s Maxoline: Nada.
  • 2 Broke Girls Cheesecake Menu: Zilch.
  • Dated References Galore [Filler Feature]: Jokes about Rihanna and Chris Brown [domestic violence took place in 2009] and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [which premiered in 2008. If this episode aired six years ago people would have no idea it was from the distant future of 2015.

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