2 Broke Girls, S4E17 “And the High Hook-Up”: A TV Review


This is a bad episode.

In all seriousness, though, this episode is awful. I honestly don’t think I’ve been as unsatisfied with an installment of 2 Broke Girls since “And Just Plane Magic”, where I listed off what happened in bullet points to avoid actually writing out what happened in multiple paragraphs. A bunch of stuff took place this week, sure, but to seemingly no end whatsoever. It says a lot that the writers were able to introduce a new recurring character [who will be reappearing in three more episodes] in such a thoroughly unforgettable fashion.

Anyway, I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself. The new character in question is Nashit, a handsome young man played by Austin Falk whose name is attributed to his being half-Indian and half-Irish [he very clearly isn’t]. Joedth, the joy which I get out of typing her name being the only saving grace of this review, hires him as a new waiter at The High. His stunning good looks create a ruckus and also causes Max to lust after him with a tenacity and passion she only ever devotes to . . . being snarky, I guess.

That’s pretty much the foundation of a lot of the humour on this show, with the words “doing it” escaping Dennings’ lips more times than I cared to count. Now two years ago I wrote a short post about our cultural double standard when it comes to male and female sexuality, specifically referencing how Barney Stinson’s getting around on How I Met Your Mother was viewed as, if not being outright laudable, at least noteworthy, and how Chloe on Don’t Trust the B—- on Apartment 23 helped counterbalance that by portraying female promiscuity in a similar light. I wish I could say Max did the same here.

The reason I don’t think she does is because her desire for Nashit has no depth to it. That isn’t to say that Chloe’s one night stands were presented with a lot of nuance or were necessarily meant to further her character development, but they were the actions of an adult. Max wants to have sex with the new guy the same way that a kid wants candy, and the comparison is one she makes herself throughout the course of the episode.

She wants to get down with Nashit, a desire only stymied by Joedth’s assertion that her restaurant is “about fine pastry not someone’s sordid lovelife,” ie. the help are not to shack up with one another. Caroline in her desire to attain quasi-manager status does all she can to keep their genitals far apart from one another and ultimately fails. She receives that promotion, however, and fires Max’s boy toy. Who is then hired by Han to work at the diner.

Sorry, let me finish that thought about the portrayal of Max’s sexuality and her relationship, such as it is, with Nashit, because man shall not get by on the joy of typing Joedth’s name alone. The issue here is that the latter has no personality. He’s handsome and homeless [a very recent immigrant] and has an Irish accent, and he thinks Max is lovely and therefore is fine with her wanting to sleep with him. While she at the very least lusts after him pretty intensely he is pretty much there and along for the ride. There’s no substance to their interactions, he’s not so much as a person as he is a plot device, and a very weak one at that.

The episode closes with Max and Nashit finally doing the dirty, presumably in the diner’s walk-in freezer. Caroline appears to be enjoying the monetary fruits of her labour. End scene. Honestly I’m not really sure what else to write, so we should just get straight to the Stray Observations-

Oh, sorry, before we get there. . . Actually, nah, I don’t care enough this week. Carry on-

Current Total: $-14.

New Total: $286. Joedth gives Caroline three hundred dollar bills. The first two are to take care of the former’s junkie girlfriend. The third is out of pity.

The Title Refers To: The new restaurant Max and Caroline are working at, The High, and the hooking-up that one would assume would be a big deal but really wasn’t.

Stray Observations:

  • The two girls are fine with letting the diner burn down because . . . they have new jobs now, I guess?
  • The first in a long line of jokes from people not wanting to hear Caroline talk, but easily the best: “Honey, I’ll download an audiobook if I want to hear a story.”
  • Nashit is “everything in a hot Irish coffee boy band package.”
  • “”I love him, he’s my favourite. If I did men he would’ve been done by now.”
  • “I went to pastry school, I’m not Shrek.”
  • Oh, also Han was spying on the girls for some reason that is literally never explained.
  • Max Bugs-Bunnying Han is funny the second time she does it.
  • It doesn’t work on Caroline, though- “Please, I went to Wharton.”
  • “I took you in when you had no one!
  • “Why hello, is it too late to be gay?”
  • Joedth and her girlfriend Allie met at Coachella. They were both “on Molly, this intensely hot Filipino girl.”
  • Maybe It’s Maxoline: This feature is dead. Say good-bye, everyone.
  • Joke That Made Me Physically Frown: “This is impossible, it’s like putting an Oscar dress on Precious.”
  • 2 Broke Girls Beefecake Menu:


13 responses to “2 Broke Girls, S4E17 “And the High Hook-Up”: A TV Review

  1. i agree this episode was just kinda marking time, but I got a kick out of Sophie not being able to understand anything Nashit says

    • They really played up the joke that someone with an accent as thick/ridiculous as Sophie’s couldn’t understand Nashit, who sounds exactly, no exaggeration, like a leprechaun but otherwise speaks 100% intelligibly. And I did think that was pretty funny.

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  3. Nash has the worst Irish accent ever. It doesn’t even come close to sounding authentic.

    • I actually feel legitimately bad for Austin Falk, because either a) that’s legitimately the best Irish accent he can do or b) that’s how he’s been directed to speak by whoever is running the show. Either way, I don’t think it bodes well for his career.

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  5. Good criticism; good one catching the money miscalculatuion. He doesnt look brown nor did they pronounce his name “naw-shit” correctly. Next episode he becomes “nash” the “texan” this has become a twat show

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  7. Louise mccarthy

    Austin Falk’s Irish accent in Two Broke girls is atrocious. If an actor can’t do an accent perfectly they should just stick to their own. Hears an idea, hire an Irish actor!

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