2 Broke Girls, S4E6 “And the Model Apartment”: A TV Review


The last “big” guest star I can remember 2 Broke Girls featuring was Grammy-nominated rapper 2 Chainz in what was hands-down the worst episode of the show I can remember reviewing. Similar to that last instance network synergy is what brings the Victoria’s Secret Angels to the sitcom, with The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing tomorrow night on CBS. The creative push behind this particular twenty-some minutes of television finds its source not in the writers’ room but in a boardroom, and the results are far from stellar.

Remember when I wrote a single review about the pilot episode of MTV’s Underemployed? That was a show entirely about young attractive men and women who were just barely making it through life [note the title of the show] while at least 1/3 of the cast lived in one of the biggest, nicest apartments I have ever seen. That lines up pretty well with Max and Caroline of Broke Girls
constantly making note of how tragically poor they are while residing in an enormous apartment that has, revealed in this episode, a literal barn attached to it complete with sunroof.



I remember how in the pilot episode Max explained that she didn’t pay rent because the previous tenant died yet continues to pay for it with his pension cheques or something along those lines but are you kidding me? My suspension of belief already took a beating when they decided to keep the horse, but now to find out that they have an entire barn? Is that why they’re so poor? Otherwise, honestly, it makes no sense since they both work two jobs and none of what they make goes towards rent.Hoo boy. Sorry about that. It’s made all the harder when Caroline’s latest scheme to make some extra dough [the sort of plot I am usually all about] is to rent their place out on Airbnb, an idea which kicks off numerous characters telling them how much of a dump it is. Now look, my room is somewhat akin to a dump, and that’s only because I have a bunch of unpacked bags in the corner and a bookshelf that I bought weeks ago and still haven’t assembled, and even then it’s not particularly dirty. Max and Caroline’s apartment is both neat and well-decorated. Their kitchen in particular looks exceptionally great.

The actual plot, which involves them renting their place out to Victoria’s Secret models. That last period was a comma for a little while, but I realized there wasn’t much more to it than that. Well, they also befriend the models and there’s a party that very quickly goes south, but that’s not very well-developed. They also stop Oleg from cheating on Sophie, but only sort of, because no one anywhere thinks he could have done much more than spy on them with night vision goggles, which reminds me that this episode had some terrible writing.

In the last review I wrote about how the writers needed to get into the idea of “less is more” in response to Kat Dennings following up a fairly impressive show of facial physical comedy with a direct line about balls. Well, this week showcases yet another example, this one being a decent enough joke in its own right that has an unnecessary three-word sentence stapled onto the end:

  • “That was some shower head. I’d marry it but it’s already attached. To the wall.

Elsewhere in the episode Oleg is caught spying on the Victoria’s Secret supermodel party using night vision goggles. His response to those who have uncovered his despicable deed?

  • “Turn that light off, I’m watching the Victoria’s Secret supermodel party with my night vision goggles.”

As one last instance of comedy writing that is far below my personal standard, one of the girls wonders aloud which of the two Jims owns the apartment where Sophie is hiding from Oleg. The Jim in questions flamboyantly struts out, makes a joke about her purse, and heads back inside. Max and Caroline grin, turn to each other, and say in unison:

  • Gay Jim’s.”

Lastly, this episode puts the most racist joke the show has made in a very long time in the mouth of a non-White character. Earl mishears “Airbnb” and responds with:

  • “You’re renting to Arabs? Well good luck getting it back. they tend to be a tad territorial.”

It’s a lot, is what I’m saying. It’s a lot to deal with, and I haven’t even covered how the Victoria’s Secret models literally strut around in their lingerie with angel wings strapped to their backs at one point. When Caroline points this out it’s not even to comment on how ridiculous it is, but instead that it’s a vastly superior response to a rise in temperature compared to what her and Max do [which is slump lazily on the couch like normal human beings].

The creation of this episode was more or less brought about by an edict from the network heads and the writers did what they could, but honestly it was far from enough. Not only did viewers have their suspension of disbelief stretched farther than it ever should have, they were also bombarded with a lot of heinously lazy writing. At its best 2 Broke Girls is about the unlikely friendship between two very dissimilar women trying to just get by. At its worst 2 Broke Girls is “And the Model Apartment”.

Current Total: $1,695.

New Total: $3,195. In spite of Caroline’s insistence not to let them pay, Lily Aldridge gives her a cheque that I’m going to assume was for $1,500. Split five ways between the models for two nights, that’s only $150 per person per night, which is still pretty steep.

The Title Refers To: Models stayed in their apartment. The end.

Stray Observations:

  • Caroline is a born marketer, as she described their place as being: “a Brooklyn bohemian barn apartment with a live-in horse.”
  • Again, their apartment is actually great.
  • “Aw shoot, now I’m gay.”
  • Martha Hunt is a way worse actor than Lily Aldridge. I can’t for the life of me be bothered to remember the names of the other models, which hardly matters since they had no lines.
  • I found it weird that they were drinking beers while frolicking around in their unmentionables since I would think the extra carbs would be a strict no-no. They should be going hard bar, am I right?
  • Han jabs back! “No, I was on a call with Ripley’s Believe It Or Not to inform them that you still work here. and they didn’t believe it!”
  • “I found plugs but I don’t think they’re for your ears.”
  • “And Caroline, since you don’t really need to wear a bra, here. This apartment may be hell, but you are a real angel.”
  • Maybe It’s Maxoline: Upon seeing the models at the door Max proclaims she’s gay now. Not that it has anything to do with Caroline, but still.
  • 2 Broke Girls Cheesecake Menu: . . . fine, since you’ve been waiting for it-


3 responses to “2 Broke Girls, S4E6 “And the Model Apartment”: A TV Review

  1. OMG I thought that was a (still-extravagant) Bkln-apt-building-sized backyard, and wondered how they had sole use of it and not everyone in the building… I never thought it was a 2-story tall enclosed space the size of a freaking airplane hangar!!!!! Why don’t they i can’t even finish that sentence :p

    The “pair of support ho’s” line gave me a big genuine laugh, so there was that.

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