2 Broke Girls, S5E15 “And the Great Escape”: A TV Review


Money has always been an integral part of 2 Broke Girls, and this episode had me thinking quite a bit about the show’s budget. Well into its fifth season and having passed the 100th episode milestone some time ago, it’s a show that CBS has some confidence in, albeit one that’s barely beating Mike and Molly in ratings, a show that is currently airing its final season. With all that said, I began wondering about how much money the network was willing to throw its way.

Almost as if reading my comments about the limited settings this three camera sitcom has to offer, and with the sole intent of having me eat my words, “And the Great Escape” is the closest the show has been to feeling like it doesn’t take place in front of a live studio audience. While that’s not necessarily a hallmark of a great episode, it’s impressive to say the least.blowing

The first, pictured above, is Randy’s house. While the interior is nothing special, it’s the fact that production also created an exterior year that really made an impression on me. The sand and plants are a really nice touch, and it even offers an opportunity for some great physical comedy on Beth Behrs’ part [her greatest strength, in this reviewer’s opinion].

The second is the Hollywood sign below, which is particularly notable because of how big it is. Having Max and Caroline walk around near the bottom of the letters hid how large they actually were, and the wide shot pictured is one the most visually exciting that the show has ever done.


As far as the actual narrative of the episode itself, there are ups and downs, as usual. The A-plot is arguably Caroline trying to get in touch with Jennifer Lawrence, who past episodes have hinted would be playing her in her riches-to-rags biopic, for the actress to see if she “digs [her] vibe”. They say her name [usually in the form of J. Law] a lot, though it’s not like any audiences were surprised when she never showed. As with most television, big celebrity appearances are advertised well ahead of time, and there was never anything akin to the media push that people like Martha Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, and yes, even 2 Chainz received.

Max’s storyline is still largely centred on Randy, who unfortunately isn’t much to write about. He’s affable enough as a character, sure, but really isn’t very interesting. Things are moving full steam ahead with him and Max, and she almost says the L-word when talking to Caroline about him. This is all played up to make her taking care of his dog Bruno be that much of a big deal.

The two storylines intersect when Bruno runs out the door that Caroline left open. Their search brings them beneath the Hollywood sign and a conflict immediately arises when Caroline would rather FaceTime J. Law instead of search for Randy’s dog. She ends up stuffing her phone down the front of her pants to dissuade Max from getting at it, but to no avail [I’m sure the dozen remaining Maxoline shippers were thrilled]. Max takes the phone and hangs up on the Academy Award-winner.

There’s also a cannibal serial killer named Walter Gary Vance on the loose to really raise he stakes, but is overall pretty inconsequential.

While the episode closes and centres on Max and Randy admitting how much they like each other, in their own unique way, what concerned me is how much they diminish Caroline’s issues. J. Law ends up passing on her film, and realistically her involvement was probably one of the largest factors to it becoming a reality. It’s all swept under the rug, really, and Max never really apologizes for it. The high point for Caroline is Sophie giving her flowers as some sort of peace offering, only for the Polish woman to yell “Mind your own business, bitch!” in her face.

Current Total: $390.

New Total: $390. Yeah, this isn’t changing anytime soon.

The Title Refers To: Bruno escaping from home. I would include Walter Gary Vance in this as well, except that it’s never explicitly stated that he’s escaped from anywhere. Considering that he’s revealed to be Randy’s neighbour makes it’s hard for me to say that he has any sort of thematic connection to the episode title.

Stray Observations:

  • “If you see Burt Reynolds tell him that I have his belt.” The audience really loved this line from Earl, but honestly I don’t get it.
  • One of a handful of high point moments was the cut from the diner, where the gang are listening to Max and Caroline regaling them with live coverage of a red carpet event, to their hotel room where the two girls are getting drunk off of tiny bottles of liquor.
  • “I feel bad lying to Han, I mean he’s already been catfished three times this year.” To be fair, two of those three times it was Max.
  • “This one’s like licking a beet’s undercarriage.” Randy’s pressed juice gifts are appreciated, if not enjoyed.
  • “Wish I had my vibe. They wouldn’t let me bring it on the plane.”
  • Another great moment: Sophie entering holding a bundle of burning sage, the fire alarm being heard in the short moment the door is open.”
  • “I’m going for Grace Kelly, not Woody Harrelson.”
  • Sophie is trying to be nice to Caroline to cleanse her aura, and she describes the latter’s behaviour as “triggering” her. I could write more about that, but maybe some other time.
  • “I’m looking down on all of LA.” / “Oh, I’m doing that from here.”
  • Caroline gave Randy a look like his wifi password was difficult, but I listened to it once and wrote it all down and it’s not that hard: “125bD–63fF521”
  • “Not sure but you can get a baby for $80 on the dark web.” I will never not enjoy jokes about the dark web.
  • “You are coming with me! Randy loves Bruno and I lo- like Randy.”
  • “Can cannibals climb?” / “Well they’re not called climbables, so that’s good.”
  • Sophie shows up at the end of the episode wearing a bindi. I’m ambivalent of how to feel about that, so here’s both a point and counterpoint to consider.

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