2 Broke Girls, S6E13 “And the Stalking Dead”: A TV Review


So I’ll be honest, I’m actually frightened that three years later we’re seeing a retread of “And the Not Broke Parents”. That episode marked the last we saw of Deke, Max’s then-boyfriend, and he left with so little fanfare that for months after the fact people came across these reviews by Googling “when did max and deke break up”. Essentially what I’m saying is that I think this might be the end of Rax.

“And the Stalking Dead” is Ed Quinn’s 17th episode playing the incredibly fit Hollywood lawyer, and it’s much to his credit that their on-again, off-again relationship has proven so compelling; his dynamic with Kat Dennings works, even when he’s a face on a phone or tablet. Adding to that is the show’s tendency to push Max after him, her increased vulnerability showcasing a side of her we rarely get to see. If there’s any hope that he’ll be returning it’s that last point, as the 2 Broke Girls writers’ room appears to be really into exploring that facet of her character.

To dive right into it, our titular duo make it to Texas thanks to a little assistance from RuPaul, and head straight to the hotel where Randy is staying. Thwarted by Richie, the sassy and deeply closeted hotel clerk, the two decide to audition as extras in the film to get near to Max’s ex. As zombies hanging from hooks they’re able to overhear Randy’s client offer to set him up with a girl who drives a Prius.


Their swinging in from off-screen is some excellent comedic work.

The lawyer reveals to everyone in the meat locker that he’s been doing his best to get over Max after realizing that the long-distance thing “just can’t be enough”. After touching on just how difficult it’s been he ends with-

“But I’m not ready to meet that girl with the Prius just yet. I mean, I’m all for good gas mileage. Just not yet.”

That’s all it takes for Max, who literally traveled across the country to save their relationship, to give up. It’s “only fair that [she] lets him move on”, so let’s pack it up and head home. While it could be taken as a very direct indication that things are over, it’s impossible to ignore the corpse makeup on our protagonists’ faces. Zombies rise from the grave to shamble for eternity, and if Rax can be resurrected twice there’s no reason to dismiss it happening a third time.

Before we move on from the two best friends I do want to highlight Caroline’s excitement over auditioning possibly jump starting her acting career. She quips that it’s “something finally about me,” which Max rebuts saying that everything is always about her. The thing is that this isn’t even true within the universe of the show itself, since the whole reason they’re even in Texas is because of Max. It’s almost embarrassing how little focus Caroline has received in the later seasons of 2 Broke Girls, and to have Max outright state that anything at all is “about her” only emphasizes how false that is.

Back at the ranch there are the inklings of a fascinating character arc for Oleg. Given his reputation as a gross pervert there’s a lot to unpack regarding his sense of masculinity, especially as it contrasts with his new role as a father. This is put at risk when Sophie shames him, saying that his daughter is starting to refer to him as “mama” due to his inability to be manly in her presence. She backtracks on the statement later and affirms him, but the entire concept is something they devote more time to in the future.

Current Total: $500.

New Total: $484. I don’t recall them spending $16 at any point in this episode, especially since they make a point of mentioning how refreshments in the hotel lobby and during the auditions are free.

The Title Refers To: The extremely popular comic book series, as well as the AMC television adaptation, The Walking Dead. It also references Max stalking Randy and tracking him down to Texas.

Stray Observations:

  • They say “Randy Walsh” a number of times searching for him, and I can’t remember them mentioning his surname before now.
  • “It looks like he’s in room number ‘what-hotel-clerk-in-the-world-would-give-out-guest-info-to-two-dusty-randos.'”
  • Max initially hides because she looks dirty and gross. “It’s complicated, he likes it when I start out clean.”
  • “I am getting really good at bathing in public restrooms. And I want it to end!
  • “Excuse me, sir, if that is your real name.”
  • Caroline’s zombie impressions do not disappoint:




  • “Why do you get to be a hot zombie? I look like dead David Spade.”
  • “So as your lawyer can you please stop asking me for a ‘drunk driver’s license’? It’s not a real thing. Neither is a cocaine permit.”
  • There’s probably a good reason the studio demanded Randy be on-set with his client at all times.
  • Apparently this zombie movie is aiming for a PG rating.
  • “There’s literally no one working in your diner right now.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if you can’t build anything, or protect us, or be a man. What’s really important is how much you love Barbara.”
  • “Call me stupid for being a romantic and believing love could conquer all.” / “Stupid!”

It’s not uncommon for minor characters on 2 Broke Girls to be a little odd, and those peculiarities can extend to their sexual lives as well. An episode early on in Season 5 featuring Owen, a man with diphallia, is a particularly notable example. That being said it can be beneficial to learn a little bit more about these cases, as it’s important to remember that they’re based on real life human beings. Our newest weekly feature, which should show up again next week, is:

Strange Different-But-Also-Yeah-I-Guess-Kind-Of-Strange-In-Comparison Sex  

Casting director Bonnie, whose name I didn’t know until I looked it up on 2paragraphs, is played by Beth Littleford who I should have recognized as the mom from Dog with a Blog. She doesn’t have patience for Caroline’s terrible acting and, most importantly to this feature, “[her] entire body is an erogenous zone.”


This brings to mind the case of Rachel from Atlanta, Georgia, who suffers from something called “persistent sexual arousal syndrome”, or “persistent genital arousal disorder”. Wikipedia defines it as being:

“results in a spontaneous, persistent, and uncontrollable genital arousal, with or without orgasm or genital engorgement, unrelated to any feelings of sexual desire”

PSAS can make it difficult to ride in vehicles or even hold a vibrating cellphone. While not exactly the same thing as one’s entire body being an erogenous zone, the intense sensitivity that this disorder carries with it makes the two very similar.

It should be noted that while it may seem like a blessing to some, the complications it adds to one’s sex life can actually be detrimental to a relationship.

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