Is 2 Broke Girls Cancelled?

Here are the facts:

At the time of this writing 2 Broke Girls has not yet been renewed for its 7th Season.

Here are the numbers:

This past Wednesday the finale for Season 6 of 2 Broke Girls aired with a viewership of roughly 4.57 million. This is 70 thousand less than the preceding week, and bookends the steady, gradual decline that began back in February. It’s the smallest audience the sitcom has had, not only in what has been a poor season ratings-wise, but since it first began airing.

In other words, 2 Broke Girls is not doing well.

There’s no other way of putting it. Being critically panned doesn’t matter at all if people are watching, but all indicators point to this not being the case. Now granted, the numbers presented are via The Nielsen Company, and don’t account for any viewers who may choose to stream the show online, but they provide a fairly compelling picture all things considering.

Here’s what the creators have said:

Now pretty much every site out there covering this has quoted this one TVLine article, but given that Michelle Nader is the co-showrunner it’s about as close to the horse’s mouth as you can get. She made the statement that:

“This is not the end for these girls. We’re not finished and we don’t want to be finished and I don’t think the audience is finished. Obviously there’s no guarantee that we will be back, but we did not write the episode as a series finale.”

Nader goes on to point out the creative opportunities that have presented themselves given that both Max and Caroline have found love, going so far as to liken future 2 Broke Girls seasons as “just beginning in a way”.

In conclusion, the executive producer expressed being “hopeful” that the show will be renewed. Not only is there the aforementioned new creative direction, but “CBS has been really supportive of us and so we believe that they’ll want to see more of these girls.”

Here’s what the people are saying:

  • In that same article, TVLine claims that “oddsmakers say the series has an even-money chance of returning next fall.” Elsewhere on TVLine, but also by Michael Ausiello, is an article titled “2017 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble?” 2 Broke Girls was listed as “A safe bet”, but that has since been crossed out and replaced with “Could go either way”.
  • The aptly titled TV Series Finale website very accurately notes that 2 Broke Girls has not yet been cancelled or renewed. It’s mentioned that numbers aren’t expected to be what they once were in this day and age and that, “Unless there’s some business reason, I suspect 2 Broke Girls will be on the air for awhile.”
  • Entertainment Weekly has a little something called “Deathwatch 2017”, which lists 53 shots that haven’t been renewed, from “safest to dead-est”. 2 Broke Girls clocks in at #43, which isn’t too bad at all. In spite of ongoing negotiations writer James Hibberd goes on to say that: “CBS is downright savage when it comes to axing its weakest shows in May, but we expect they’ll work this one out.”
  • Deadline shines a little bit more light on what those negotiations entail. “2 Broke Girls holds the record for the biggest off-network comedy series sale, earning Warner Bros. TV $1.7 million an episode from TBS alone. I hear CBS may be trying to tap into the studio’s lucrative backend, making negotiations even tougher. There is too much money at stake not to make a deal in the end, but it will be tough.”

To sum things up, for the most part the general consensus appears to be that 2 Broke Girls is likely to be renewed, primarily because it’s bringing in money due to having been syndicated. Right now what remains to be seen is whether the higher ups can come to an agreement that everyone feels they benefit from.

Where’s what I’m saying:

Honestly, I would prefer if 2 Broke Girls wasn’t renewed.

This may seem plainly obvious given my general attitude in a number of reviews I’ve written in the past. It hasn’t always been easy staying up late on Mondays to pen them, or early the following morning. That said, I also acknowledge that reviewing 2 Broke Girls has generally made me a much more talented writer, and positively affected the way I consume media, primarily television.

The thing is, this also seems like the ideal jumping off point. I generally agree with Nader that this isn’t a perfect end point for a sitcom, but at the same time it isn’t a bad one. In many ways it’s fitting that Max agree to marry Randy, as it completes her character arc of finding and trusting a friend to finding and trusting a husband. Their returning to the diner appears to be a renewal of the status quo, but not in a necessarily negative way.

As much as Nader is touting a brand new creative direction, it’s also worth noting that 2 Broke Girls appears to have outlasted its premise ages ago. The girls claim to be poor, but they own a Dessert Bar which appears to be getting decent business. I can’t think of a context moving forward in which the title would be warranted, especially with Max being proposed to by an incredibly wealthy lawyer.

If 2 Broke Girls does in fact come back for Season 7 the question remains whether or not I’ll still watch and review the show. Given a significant creative shakeup it’s certainly possible, but I also feel comfortable surmising that this may be the end of my relationship with the show. That being said, any sort of commentary from audience in support my reviews will strongly sway my continuing on.

To summarize, we simply don’t know. Most places are optimistic about the shows’s chances, but there’s always the off-chance that negotiations fall through and this is all we got. Either way, 2 Broke Girls had a good run. There was a lot to complain about, to be sure, but wrapping things up with Season 6 ain’t bad.


12 responses to “Is 2 Broke Girls Cancelled?

  1. Lame Excuse To End Show

    Your reasons to end the show are stupid! For one its called 2 Broke Girls meaning they both have to have a happy ending not just Max. 2 I’d like to eventually see Carolines dad getting out of prison. Also just because Max is marrying a rich lawyer doesn’t mean she’ll want to be living off his money or not want to continue to persue her dream. If their ratings are going down its because of Sophie ever since she entered the show that’s when the ratings started going down. Even then this is a hit show obviously ratings are not gonna be high because not everyone has time to watch it at the time it comes on but if you were to see how many views it were to get if on something like Netflix it’d probably be one of the few highest rated shows.

    • I love Sophie too. I think she and Oleg are perfect for one another. Sophie is a keeper for me. Just love the show. Period.

  2. I love the show. It is the only sitcom too have made me laugh out loud in years. The humor is adult and a little dirty but still “mostly” more suggestion then outright. I also think that the next season layout has great possibilities for even more humor with Max engaged and Bobby and Randy at odds. Randy has always had a great dynamic with Max and Caroline and has some of the funniest stuff. It will be great like it always has.

    • I also laugh out loud when I watch it. Big Bang used to be my go to favorite but now Two Broke Girls has taken their place on my stage.
      Cannot say it enough; I LOVE TWO BROKE GIRLS. If you consider the type of audience who watches Broke Girls, they are likely to be those who would not fill out a form for anything…GO MAX!!!

  3. 2 Broke Girls will make tons of money in syndication, WB should pay a lot to keep it on CBS for as long as possible or just go for first-run syndication. WB already lost a lot by CBS axing Mike and Molly.

    Opinions on 2 Broke Girls or not, there isn’t another show ready for syndication coming up (except Mom), and every network is looking to create their own shows to build up an exclusives library for the upcoming streaming wars. Either WB and CBS merge finally, or WB fights hard to keep 2 Broke Girls on the air and rule the local airwaves of every station in America.

    And there’s nothing wrong with 2 Broke Girls. It’s a fun show, it fills its purpose, and this last season had a lot of new environments and plots.I know some people are getting a little tired of it, but eventually you’ll be happy to have more episodes to watch.

    If anything, be upset CBS got Stephen Fry to leave QI to work on a poorly thought out Last Man Standing attempt in The Great Indoors. If TGI is cancelled, 2 Broke Girls will be back for something. I am optimistic for a full season and a shortened finale season. But in all seriousness, the show could go on for four more years.

  4. i love this show. how can they even think about canceling it? there might not be as many people that watch it when it airs but they’re still watching it and still loving it. i cant watch it when it airs so i watch it online after which many people may do as we may not be able to watch it when it first airs. just because they aren’t watching it on the first showing doesn’t mean they aren’t watching it at some other point. this is one of my favorite shows, it always makes me laugh and the script and cast are always astonishing. the jokes they come up with are just brilliant. plus those statistics are for it airing in america what about when it airs in other countries like the UK (where i’m from) where it airs a lot later in the year. there are also so many possibilities for the next season as Max is engaged and Bobby and Randy are at each others throats, lots can happen for Han and Earl and we can see how Sophie and Oleg are coping with baby Barbara. there are so many different directions the show can go in with all the possibilities getting the viewers sucked in trying to figure out what will happen as the show can be really unpredictable sometimes. they could feature the return of some old favorite characters such as Deke or or chef Nicolas or add in some new characters to keep it a bit fresher by seeing some new faces or have more guest stars.

  5. Please bring back Two Broke Girls. They are one sitcom I truely look forward to. Even the re-runs continue to make laugh every time I watch them. Need the sarcasm. Love them!

  6. If they don’t renew, it will be another one of my favorite shows to end on a cliffhanger. Just like “The Glades” did to me. It’s kind of what I expect now from the networks. I love 2 Broke Girls, and I believe it deserves a proper ending.

  7. April D Katolick-Guitron

    2 Broke Girls is one of my husband & my favorite shows. We have watched it from the very beginning. To cancel it would be stupid. So please reconsider cancelling this awesome show. If u want to cancel a show cancel Big Bang Theory that show is stupid & a waste.

  8. I will not watch CBS again if 2 Broke Girls are cancelled. Each and everyone of those actors are funny as hell. It’s a shame what your doing. I don’t watch to much TV due to the shit thats on. I look forward to watching this I am very, very disappointed you are cancelling 2 Broke Girls. You have 2 avid people who love this show but will no longer watch cbs to much longer. Once you cancel the show say good bye to us. Your really cutting off your nose to spite your face. Its a Total Screw up by you not renewing this show.

  9. First they cancell Mike & Molly. Now 2 Broke Girls. Granted they are low-brow humor but they made us laugh out loud. We need humor to survive in this uncertain crazy world. Stop taking our shows away from us. Next thing you know they will can Big Bang and I will be reduced to watching dvd’s of all my retired favorites.

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