2 Broke Girls, S5E19 “And the Attack of the Killer Apartment”: A TV Review


What do we want out of Randy? This week marks the sixth episode he’s been around, and within that time he’s already broken up with Max and travelled across the country for her. Neither are insignificant events by any means, and even starring in that many episodes is a feat in and of itself [Austin Falk’s faux-Irish Nashit was only in four last season]. That being said the question still remains-

The 2 Broke Girls showrunners don’t appear to have any interest in either Max or Caroline entering into a long-term relationship, so let’s assume that Randy will eventually exit the show. Besides simply being entertaining, which is and should be the baseline expectation with sitcoms, there has to be more to the men who step in and out of the girls’ lives.

Initially Ed Quinn’s character followed the same arc that Max’s past boyfriends have: as she grows closer to them the increased intimacy makes her uncomfortable, causing her to want to pull away. This week appears to have left that far behind with a casual exchange of “I love you”, and in spite of being a realistically healthy thing stable relationships do not equate to good television. While their “first fight” doesn’t amount to much, it’s the basis for it that could make Randy one of the most interesting addition to the 2 Broke Girls cast.See, as a lawyer to celebrities Randy is rich. Like, lives-walking-distance-from-the-Hollywood-sign rich. Max and Caroline’s poverty is played up from week to week, often to unrealistic extremes, so to have him be in New York City, specifically their apartment, is a big deal. As an audience we’re asked to suspend a hefty amount of disbelief by accepting the conceit that they live in a craphole [particularly difficult for me as it’s a larger living space than I’ve ever had in my adult life], but once that pill is swallowed the realities of their relationship really click into place.

At first reluctant to have him enter their living space, Max eventually gives her boyfriend the tour, pointing out everything that could kill him. What she refrains to mention is Nail Patrick Harris, a floor hazard that both her and Caroline have grown accustomed to avoiding. I don’t want to get into what obviously happens after that, but what occurs immediately after that is a lot of fun.


What Randy does next is what anyone, ludicrously wealthy or otherwise, would do. He tells Max that she doesn’t have to live this way. Which she takes as she takes all correction or judgement, which is to say not well. When he gets in touch with their landlord, a dangerous proposition given that Max and Caroline are illegal subletters, there’s the very real fear that things could fall apart around them [“I knew my apartment would be too real for you, and now it won’t even be my apartment.”].

The fix is quick, easy, and makes perfect sense, with Randy telling their landlord that he was injured on his property. This results in two months rent free, their names on the lease, and Max hammering [using the heel of a boot, not the actual tool itself] Nail Patrick Harris into the floor. Their first fight wraps up neatly, but ultimately hints at a larger conflict looming just on the horizon.

Given that both Max and Randy love each other it only makes sense that they would have to make decisions about where their relationship will lead them. While addressing safety hazards is a good first step, it’s very apparent that Randy would prefer that his girlfriend live a better existence overall. While she could probably loosen her attachment to her “terrible” apartment, the real issue is whether she can leave Caroline. Living with your friends is great, for a time, but what about when we have to move on with our lives and trade that companionship for moving in with a significant other?

Like I said, I highly doubt that Randy will be around long-term, but his very presence raises a lot of really fascinating questions that 2 Broke Girls can either answer or ignore moving forward. I’m hoping they gun for the former, personally.

Current Total: $250,072.

New Total: $250,072. They haven’t spent any of that sweet, sweet movie money yet.

The Title Refers To: Max and Caroline’s apartment can kill. It attacks Randy.

Stray Observations:

  • “Sadliest, you were here with that old woman punched me in the breast and asked for change, right?”
  • “All the stress of acting like your working starting to get to you?”
  • “I just had what she’s having.” The cold open is all about Caroline’s orgasmic response to a shoulder massage. Oleg’s reactions really save it.
  • Earl’s cousin works for a liquor distributor. Early also owes him $10K and a kidney.
  • “Saw your rant on twitter last night and I agree: What sort of self-respecting Sizzler runs out of Spite?”
  • Max’s apartment is BYOC. Bring Your Own Carbon Monoxide Detector. I feel like BYOCMD would be more accurate.
  • “Don’t let my broad shoulders, stubble, and Adam’s apple confuse you, I am in fact a man.”
  • “I’m Carrie! I’m Carrie at the prom!” Context: what Caroline looks like after being squirted with foot blood.
  • The orderly at the hospital looks like Steve Agee, AKA Homeless Dave on New Girl. At the time of this writing I can’t confirm that on IMDb, though.
  • If motivational newsletters are your thing, why not try “What’s Going Han?”.
  • Earl gets it. “I’d rather see [Neil Patrick Harris] host something than Ricky Gervais. We get it! You’re mean, you fat bastard!”
  • “The word ‘lawyer’ makes people crap their pants. It’s like the juice cleanse of professions.”
  • Randy says that Max lives on an “Indian food burial ground”, which may be some of the best wordplay the show has ever featured.
  • “I hate to be an Uzbeki giver but, I really miss my vibrating pearl.” Ah, casual racism.

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