2 Broke Girls, S6E10 “And the Himmicane”: A TV Review


First thing’s first, let me just say that I love the title of this episode. It’s just such a ridiculously simplistic play on words, but one that suggests at a number of entertaining possibilities. Or, at the very least, everyone’s favourite song by the appropriately named Weather Girls. That said , it’s with great sadness that I must reveal that “And the Himmicane” does not live up to those hints at greatness.

For one thing, there are absolutely no references to it precipitating male individuals. There’s also no plot that revolves around what’s a very fitting male alternative to “bridezilla”, a man whose very presence is a force of nature. No, the focus of this particular episode is Max’s relationship with Randy. And an actual hurricane as well, I guess.

Given that Christmas movies, both big budget and a step above home productions, have started to creep across our television screens having 2 Broke Girls focus on a rainstorm feels like a weird choice. Not to say that it needed to be festive or holiday-themed, but an acknowledgement of the weather in many parts of North America would have been appropriate. While Earl’s old and decaying body doesn’t sense a thing Han is actively preparing for the oncoming deluge.

The plot surrounding the hurricane itself is actually pretty cut and dry, no pun intended. Essentially it traps the diner staff, as well as the soon-to-be-divorcees who are planning on hosting their separation party in the Dessert Bar, in the walk-in. Oleg wants to escape to keep Sophie and recently hired manny Shane [French model Julien Marlon Samani; thanks, 2paragraphs!]. Caroline freaks out during a power surge and manhandles Han’s . . . flashlight. It’s all fun and games, but none of it is as compelling as Max and Randy. Really just Max, if we’re being honest.

Given the watery nature of things, let’s just say that where Max is at emotionally is several miles down a very famous Egyptian river. Because she’s in DE-NILE! Get it? She’s in DENIAL. It’s a play on words, and the fact is that from her perspective the breakup she and Randy went through last episode was just a little bump in the road. To wit:

“This is all a part of me and Randy’s dance. I say we should break up then he says it’s definitely over, so we’re still very much together!”

According to her this is the part of the dance where Randy shows up and surprises her. The thing is that she’s just so convinced it’ll happen. When she tries to call him and sees that he’s blocked her number [but not Caroline’s] the truth and all it implies starts to sink in, only for her hopes to be buoyed up later when her friend begins to console her. Max cuts Caroline off when she begins trying to explain her number being blocked, nearly shouting:

“Because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise of him coming to see me?”

It’s deeply unnerving. For as grating a character as Max can and has been for the majority of 2 Broke Girls‘ run time, one thing she has never been is weak. Her delusions surrounding Randy are so intense that as the audience we actually want what she believes to be the truth, for the metaphorical pulse of their relationship to go from flat-lined to beeping once more.

But no, she’s crushed. At least for a brief moment. It’s by no means the deeply emotional moment that concluded “And the Two Openings: Part Two”, when they last broke up, but it’s made all the more painful by the uncharacteristic optimism leading up to the realization that things are done. In contrast, the news that their Dessert Bar was completely trashed by the hurricane feels inconsequential, especially since it turns out they have insurance. With that in mind maybe Randy was a storm of sorts, even if, bucking 2 Broke Girls tradition, he was never explicitly stated as such.

Current Total: $5,821.62.

New Total: $5,521.62. Jason & Winona Williams, the wealthy divorcees, appeared to have called off their possibly-$5,000-event so there are no profits this episode. That said, I’m not really sure where that $300 went. An insurance payment, possibly? But if so then every episode should be deducted that amount.

The Title Refers To: My assumption is that there was a line in there referring to Randy as a “himmicane”, i.e. a man that can be compared to a powerful storm, that was eventually cut. Please see the two opening paragraphs of this review for other interpretations.

Stray Observations:

  • aaah

    “Oof, unlike torrential rain this jacket does not repel insults.”

  • “It may come as a shock to you, but this diner is all I have!” / “Not true, you also have tiny arms and legs.”
  • “A lot of men watched me as a teenager, but, they paid me.” The return of gross underage jokes with Max Black!
  • I’d say that this episode is worth watching just to watch Jonathan Kite absolutely kill it when battling the storm. Guy’s physical comedy was on point.
  • Having rescued Chestnut, Shane replicates a famous picture of Russia’s supreme leader-


  • The walk-in is a) the safest place in the building and b) Han’s former gift-wrapping suite man cave.
  • “Syria, is that a new Middle Eastern fast food place?” Max please go to a school.
  • Max looks around the Dessert Bar post-storm: “Is that tree new or has it always been there?”
  • “I just think blocking a person is mean.” Caroline says it like it is.

While your mental health is obviously important, which is why you read these insightful 2 Broke Girls reviews here on Culture War Reporters, your physical health is as well! With so much emphasis on female health issues, breast cancer in particular, it can be good to shine a spotlight on what the rougher [is that the opposite of finer?] sex  has to deal with. Introducing our newest weekly feature:

[Pro]state of the Nation

While sitting in the walk-in Earl, who as you know is quite old, quips:

“Am I sitting on a sack of potatoes? Nope, just my prostate.”

This is a very serious problem! According to WebMD the prostate, which is a small gland and part of the male reproductive system, is “supposed to be about the shape and size of a walnut”. That’s a huge difference in size! While I couldn’t find a photo comparing a walnut and a potato, I was able to find a recipe for Roasted Sweet Potato With Banana Walnut Crumbles, which had the accompanying image:


Now just imagine a single walnut next to an entire sack of potatoes!

WebMD does go on to say that the prostate will grow over time due to a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). They further mention that it may be the size of an apricot by 40, and a lemon by the age of 60. Now I don’t know about you, but neither of these are as large as a potato, and certainly not more than one, let alone several.

The prostate below is held at the Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and weighs 500 grams, in comparison to that in a healthy adult male which is roughly 35 grams on average.


Donor Albert Ruenes, Jr., MD

According to Guinness World Records, however, the largest removed prostate to date  was 2,410 grams, almost five times larger than that of Doctor Ruenes. Taking into consideration that a bag of potatoes is typically 10 lbs, that comes out to 4.53 kilograms, which is double again the weight of the world record holder.

Given the fact that BPH makes it very difficult to urinate, it’s unlikely that Earl is still capable of using the toilet unaided. To say that he is one of the “30% of men will find their symptoms bothersome” probably goes without saying. He should probably get it removed, and call the people at Guinness World Records!

If you’re a man who has experienced trouble urinating, or feel like you’re sitting on a sack of potatoes, please don’t tough it out like Earl, see a medical professional!

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