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2 Broke Girls, S3E4 “And the Group Head”: A TV Review


This week’s episode offers up something a little new, and that takes the form of Luis [pictured above], the replacement for the day waiter we never got to meet. Portrayed by Federico Dordei he is flamboyantly gay, a waiting “lifer” of 27 years who doesn’t get attached, and someone I found to be painfully funny.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of crude stereotypes, but Luis was particularly endearing to me because of the raw energy the character had, some of which he directed into asserting his refusal to be a part of the girls’ drama. He also made the observation that “Max is funny, look at her. Aww, funny to mask the pain,” and this really made me think about all the references she’s constantly making to her horrific childhood and life up to this point.

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